like a corpse.

I walk the streets

under a smog sky

I don't wait to find out

if I am someone else but me

there are few things in life I'm sure of

live as if you were to die tomorrow

cry as if it was true

it's foolish to think about death

we should live because we're alive

I feel like a corpse lying down

on the abyss of my frustrations

on the sorrow of living

leaning your ear

towards the sound of the tears

that's been falling down

since you are alone

love left your heart breaking apart

you can live forever

as you dream within a dream

that's the life

you die, if you wake up from those dreams.

no body to be, no soul to be

you're like a pretty corpse

breathing badly in the coffin

there are hydrangeas blooming

beside that unknown corpse

I closed my heart tight

as you did the same thing

our lifestyle is so monotone

there are people saying:

money can't buy happiness

but can I be unhappy for having money?

we'll live like a corpse rotting on

until death calls us.