See you in hell

That's where im heading now

See my blood upon the ground

It doesn't matter anyhow

Look at the scars they are all old attempts

Across my wrists there is no escape

My hands scratched with cuts and bruises

From the walls I decided to punch

From my addiction that makes it hard to breathe

Have you ever tried to fight an addiction?

When all your body relies on it to live

Without you are starving with the craving

Have you ever tried it

If you haven't please then do not preach

It is harder than it looks my dear

It is harder than it seems

When nothing seems alright

Or everything's a mess

You can't get through another day

Without a sense of blood shed

So don't ask me to stop this time

For your own selfish excuses or reasons

Don't argue with me or yell at me again

Just another word from you it will all become too much again

Have you ever tried to fight an addiction?

To chocolate let's just say

When the reason you have turned to it

Still remain the same then don't ask me to stop my dear

It's harder than it seems

It's harder than it looks as well

When tears don't seem enough

Or everything's messed up

When nothings working out

You have tried to starve yourself

When without your food you feel stronger

Without your blood you feel calm

When you're dead you will be happier than you ever were

Don't preach to me my dear

About the letters that I wrote

Or how it's bad to feel this way

Or how you hope I choke

Don't make me feel any worse than I do

It's not going to help

Can't you just respect me for trying?

I can't do much else.

But no you can't do that

You tell at me for trying to control it again

I can't eat anymore 2 mints a day

Can't you see its helping me?

I am stupid

I am ill

I am fucked up

But thanks for caring I owe you so much

Have you ever tried to fight an addiction?

Its harder than it looks

Its harder than it seems my dear

No wonder why I keep slipping back.