You never realize

How hard hitting a rock in the way is

Until you hit it

Once you it that rock,

It's hard to get back up

But if you mean well

And you truly desire to,

You can push the rock away,

Rather than run strait into it

But the best part about the rock

Is that you don't have to push it alone

You've got the ones who pushed the rock off their road

And then,

Oh yes, there is an then

You've even got the destroyer of all rocks on your side!

The destroyer of rocks,

Is also the healer of life

What a nice guy He is?

He destroys the rocks,

And He is the healer of life

Just wow, nothing can beat this guy

Exactly what every human needs

Superpower holder He is

Unstoppable He is

Superior to all He is

Worthy of Praise He is

Awesome He is

Where would the world be without this awesome rock pusher?

That is a question

That no one wants to be answered

So I leave you hear

With this thought,

Where would the world be without the only healer of life?