"Too Much Leeway for a Wedding"

By:Cassandra Freiborg 4/8/06

I think you given me,

far too much leeway,

for these feelings.

I run off with them,

and you let me,

just watching from the backround,

as I let these things overtake me.

Its crueler than telling the truth.

How could you know me for all these years,

and not tell me the truth.

Tell me to stop it,

tell me to quit it.

Do anything besides give me hope,

that these feelings,

will someday be returned.

If you mean to propose to her,

then why smile like that,

every day when you look at me.

If you mean to spend your life with her,

then why hug me like that,

whenever we meet.

If you mean to leave me behind,

then why did you give me,

all this leeway?

The feelings ran off with me,

you ran off with my heart,

and left me here on the pews,

as you walked down the aisle.