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Robot Hearts
Chapter One: A Confession

"I have a confession to make," I muttered to myself.

I have a confession to make...

As I shoved my history text into my locker, one of those cheap notebooks fell out of the top shelf. Another addition to this terrible day. I threw it back in and slammed the metal locker shut. The click of the combination lock was quite satisfying.

"Fuck damn." I needed that history book tonight.

"Fuck you," I told the lock as I passed the number again. "Fuck you," I told my book as the door swung open for the second time.

"Talking to yourself again, Brannon?" I turned around to fix my scowl upon Josh Laurie, who flashed me a rat-faced smirk as he passed by.

"Fuck you," I told him.

...have a confession to make...

I made it to my gas-guzzling SUV without any other mishaps. In the safety of my car, with the Rolling Stones playing, I could feel the events of today slowly ebbing away from my mind. There came a knock at my window. The grinning face of my best friend Limey Cooper appeared upside down on my windshield.

I laughed incredulously as he contorted his face into all sorts of weird expressions. "So you giving me a ride home?" he asked, finally rolling off the top of my car.

"Get in," I said, and he did.

...a confession to make...

I figured if I ever had to tell anyone about my situation it would be Cooper. Being my best friend and the weirdest person I know, he's guaranteed to either talk me out of it or shoot me in the head, although I would prefer the latter, as the case may be.

How am I going to bring this up? I'm pretty sure one doesn't say "Hey...I'm gay. Have a very nice day." It rhymes nicely, but that's just stupid. He probably won't care, but I'd like to save myself the act of looking dumb. What the hell...Josh always makes me feel like an idiot anyways. I've known him since sixth grade, and he's never passed up a chance to act like an arrogant jerk. I've never done anything to him, but he's automatically hated me.

"Go," said Cooper.

"What?" I snapped my head up to look at him. The car behind us honked. As I turned to look at the traffic light, Cooper grabbed my leg, in an effort to push my foot down on the gas pedal. "Hey, what the--" I pushed him off, as the guy in the pickup beside us yelled "Fag!" and drove off.

"Ha ha ha...he called you a fag," Cooper snickered as we turned the corner. "Bet he really wanted to smoke you, if you know what I mean."

...a confession to...

"Shut up," I said, a bit too harshly.

He noticed. "What's with you?"

"I--" I stopped. This was the lead-in I needed. But how to say it?

"Well, today I was in the locker room, after swimming, you know."

"Yeah? Go on."

"And I was looking at one of the guys." I ran my tongue over my lips; they were getting dry. "And I found myself thinking about what a nice bod--body he had. It was...yeah, it was just nice."

"So...?" God, why did he have to be difficult now? Why couldn't he be compassionate, understanding Cooper right now?

...a confession...

"I...I think I'm gay."