Pure love

I once fell flat on my face

Lost in falling for 14 years

I was brought up for almost a year

I tripped up the stairs and feel back down

Now I'm gaining the strength

To fight off this war of falling

I made a list of 156 lies

I made a list with no truths

I made another list that contained no information

Once I took a step up from the ground after long time of thought and prayer

The second list grew

While the first list of lies

Had been banished

Insecurity was passed away

No longer do I suck

Because I realized today

That all the time when I tell others

Of how awesome they are

And it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks

Because we are all worth something if we were put onto this earth

I constantly talk with people

About how awesome they are

And that it doesn't matter what anyone says unless if it's God

But then today I realized

That if I am not able to say

That I am awesome

There is no way that I can say that others are awesome

I realized, that I must tell myself

What I tell others in a self worth conversation

I tell others of their worth, I tell them

"You are awesome, did you know that?

It doesn't matter what others think of you,

We are God's Holy temples

Meaning that inside us all

God lives,

So saying that you suck

Is saying that God sucks

And I know you don't think that at all

The same thing goes with cutting

We are God's Holy temples

And if we cut our body

We cut God.

That's not too nice

The Lord has a plan and purpose for every single human

It is up to us to follow his plan

Do you wanna know how else I know that you are awesome?

I know that you are awesome and worth something

Because guess what,

God doesn't make any junk

So you can not be worthless

You know, that God loves you so much,

He loves you so much

That He has every hair on your heard numbered

Every time you lose a hair, He knows exactly what one came out, He renumbers them all

He knows every time when you move

He one day will wipe away every tear from your eyes

When you feel pain no matter if it be physical or mental

He knows, and he feels your pain and is close to you

He sent His song Jesus down to earth to die for you!

That is love, so you can never say that you are unloved

For you are loved by God

And many of God's servants

This feeling that you get

The feeling of "I suck"

Is all of the devil

Satan, he hates that you are coming to church

And that you stand up and sing alone with songs

Sing the songs that praise his greatest enemy

God whispers

Satan yells

Ignore the yells

Don't listen to the horrible lies that the evil enemy tries to tell you

You are awesome"

I realized today

That I must be able to say that to myself

And now I will

I am awesome, it doesn't matter what I think

I am God's Holy temple

I do not suck for God does not suck

I do not cut, for I would be cutting God

I am not worthless

For I have a plan and a purpose

I know I am awesome and not junk

For God created me.

God loves me, so I am never unloved

And every time I lose a single strand of hair he renumbers my head

He knows every move that I make,

No matter if it is in Him or something else

One day he will wipe away ever tear I have ever shed

When I start to fall I am no longer walking, but being carried

He sent His son Jesus down to earth to die for me

That is pure love

No love can be stronger than His

And he loves me, many of His servants and temples love me

The devil doesn't care about me

He just wants to destroy what I am doing with God

So I am not loved by him

So why should I follow and love someone who doesn't care about me?

I shouldn't

And that is why

I am no longer listening to his lies

None of the 156 things I found to not like are true

No longer am I falling

Through realization of this simple fact

That God loves me, Satan doesn't

No longer am I listening to those STUPID LIES

For I can listen to the WONDERFUL TRUTHS

I am awesome