(i swear) i know that we weren't meant
to be like this. you're hiding in silence,
hoping it will save you (as it chokes me,
killing me slowly). and i'm bleeding
from too many places due to self-inflicted
wounds (of flesh never meant to be torn).

all the things (i told you) were (and still
are) staring at you straight in the face
(straight into your blue eyes) but you
never bother(ed) to help me (when i need
-ed you the most and i sort of still do).

so tell me, who is the coward? (because
you don't know how much i fight back
tears (and the blade) just to get this through
to you and blade cut into skin more than it
should have. and i don't know how you feel
either but that's because you never bother
((-ed)) to tell me how much it hurt((s)) you.)

i thought i mean(t) more to you than this
(for you to make me bleed by showing
that you never once cared at all).

could you ever say that you are sorry (or are
the words caught in your throat like the bile
caught in mine when i think of you)?

April 7, 2006