By Knightmare Elite

It's 4:15 in the goddamn morning and I just finished editing this damn thing. Strip clubs are fun, anyway enjoy the story it's my second attempt at a horror/thriller or some shit like that. God I'm tired, um yeah I'm going to bed now to dream about boobies. Oh yeah leave a goddamn review, knightmare is grouchy without sleep!
"I swear to god I'm not doing that shit anymore," Vida yawned. Her head tilted to the left and eyelids grew heavy.

Vida's fingers relaxed loosening her grip on the wheel. Her shoulders tensed in an elevated breath prompting her forward. Vida's eyes opened fully alert as the car gently drifted toward the shoulder.

"Oh my god!" Vida gasped, quickly pulling over.

She sat fully upright looking out the passenger window. Less than three feet away was a thirty foot trench. A tornado previously made short work of the barrier.

Vida nervously gripped the wheel, seeing her near brush with death. She paced her breathing as it was the only sound in vehicle. In fact as she looked forward into the endless stretch of road, it was deathly silent.

A finger crept toward the door lock, quickly clicking the button. Her eyes fell to the gas gauge, half more than enough to make it home, and just enough to floor it just in case.

"Alright Vida just calm down. You had a few drinks, okay more than a few…just take things easy," Vida coached herself fully hearing the nervous crack in her voice.

As Vida gathered her shaken nerves, she fully pulled the car onto the shoulder. It felt safer to take a rest before making the uncomfortable drive home. With the slowly diminishing hangover, the rest was more than warranted.

As she stared at her panties in the passenger seat, Vida could only shake her head. She knew tomorrow would be yet another day of confessing. With a flick of her wrist the engine silenced. The headlights eerily illuminated the endless night; she looked away also turning them off.

As much as it scared her, Vida looked into the darkness. She trembled again checking that the doors were locked. Her body fell deeper to the need of rest, and she reclined the seat, firmly clutching her keys. Vida's eyes heavily closed hearing the faint brushes outside her car…

twenty minutes earlier…

It was a night like many others for Vida. She found herself at a random party thrown by 'friends'. Vida couldn't call them friends, more so drinking buddies of convenience. They offered a relief which Vida gladly accepted.

She would come dressed to impress, flimsy and cheap as the drinks she downed. At twenty two, Vida held no qualms of her assertive lifestyle; yet another cause for her constant invitations. Getting shit faced within the first hour, and sleeping it off with the last woman to buy her a drink.

In the midst of her crucial recuperation, the night came to an unexpected halt. At some point or another, the authorities were alerted of the on-goings at the party. Within minutes Vida was awoken by piercing sirens.

Her eyes forcibly opened still clinging to inebriated sleep. She nuzzled against the naked body beside her, smiling at the torrid sexual romp they previously shared. Vida turned to the still sleeping brunette, actually getting a non-alcohol enhanced look at her.

She sat up wiping the sleep from her eyes, in each movement the room tilted on an opposite axis. The sirens came slower magnifying the decibels aggravatingly.

"What the fuck man, turn that damn thing off!" Vida yelled crawling off the bed.

The room momentarily dimmed, reemerging in incessant flashes of red, white and blue. Through the open window the beams emanated, too bright to bear as Vida looked down.

Across the bed the lights illuminated the brunette. Her head crept under the pillow, doing her best to drown out the noise. She waved a hand toward the lights and sirens in annoyance. After a few seconds; she sat upright, breasts bunched together crossing her arms annoyingly.

Vida squinted as the image focused and she smiled, "Can't complain, she's pretty." Vida looked around for her clothes, discarded on various spots of the carpet.

The brunette looked over at the nightstand and frowned, "Where you going?" She sat in complete disarray, pressing knees to her chin and pouting.

"Uh hello don't you hear the sirens? Cops are outside we have to get out of here!" Vida warned.

"Why are the cops here?" asked the brunette as she stood up in a stretch.

As she arched her slender body, the pert breasts bounced with nipples jutting in her rising heartbeat.

Vida pointed to the nightstand; a beautiful mess of cocaine dust, and multiple empty shot glasses, "I think we should leave now!"

"Damn and it was so comfortable sleeping together, well after we made love all night," the brunette blushed.

Vida found her skirt quickly pulling it on, then her socks and boots. She looked around for her shirt as the sirens grew louder. The room again blurred as she fell backward onto the bed.

"No dear that was what you call fucking under the influence. But I'm not complaining, best I've had in weeks," Vida complimented watching the brunette slide on her leather pants.

"Hey your nose is bleeding," the brunette noted while checking her own.

"Sign of a good time," Vida smirked blowing it into a tissue.

She took a groggy step backward catching herself on the wall. Vida looked over at the table realizing she might have overdone it again. As she somehow found herself on the floor, the hazy image of the brunette loomed over Vida. The squeezable breasts came closer as she helped Vida to her feet.

"Hold on a sec I'll get you a glass of water," the brunette said as she ran out the room.

Vida could hear the screams and shouting down stars, as well as scurrying in the halls. She forced herself up searching for her keys. As Vida turned for the door, she was met with the brunette once more.

"Here you go, drink up it should help a little," the brunette offered while picking up her bra.

"Say what's your name anyway?" Vida asked while carefully drinking the water.

"Marcia Santiago. It seems a little weird just finding out names considering…," Marcia laughed.

"Yeah I know it usually doesn't end up like this. Shit I can't find my panties, oh yeah I'm Vida Cruz. Sorry for the awkward meeting; I normally have introductions during breakfast.

But we really don't have time to chat. If the cops bust in her and see all this shit, we're seriously fucked. How are we going to get out of here? I can hear them in the hallway!" Vida shrieked.

"Calm down we can get out through the window. It's not that far just climb down onto veranda roof. If we be careful they won't see us, then we can make it to our cars," Marcia suggested.

Vida looked at her suspiciously, "Sounds like you've done this sort of thing before."

"Maybe, oh here," Marcia winked while handing Vida her panties.

Vida was led out the window as the door was busted down. She heard yelling and screaming as they dropped to the lower roof. With Marcia's encouragement, Vida jumped safely into a thick hedge.

Suffering only minor scrapes both made it to their feet. The situation quickly escalated with an ambulance arriving at the scene. Marcia pulled Vida back to the shadows as two police dogs appeared. They were led into the house by more officers.

"My car is over there, hey what do you say we go for a nightcap in the next town? There's a 24hr bar and we can just talk if you want?" Marcia asked.

"Look any other night I would, but I'm seriously fucked up right now. I think we both did too many lines. I just want to sleep it off, how about lunch tomorrow? I'll be in better shape by them?" Vida offered.

"Alright then, give me your number I'll call you?" Marcia asked.

They exchanged cell phone numbers, and prepared to make the dash to their cars.

"Hey wait," Marcia whispered.

Vida turned around to be pulled into a sincere kiss. She melted against Marcia's lips tasting alcohol laced breath. Vida clutched her panties wishing she was in better senses. The fatigue underpowered the kiss as she pulled away.

"What was that for?" Vida panted, shaking away the sleep.

"Incase we never see each other again, bye sweetheart," Marcia waved running to her car.

Vida nodded at the slender backside scampering away, she knew they would meet again. With the coast temporarily clear, Vida ran to her car and drove off amidst the sudden chaos.

present time…

The dead silence returned as Vida yawned, awaking from her nap. She felt completely revitalized raising the seat up. The hangover finally subsided bringing a comfort of stability. She turned on the overhead light, checking the visor mirror, no more bloody nose either.

"Guess all I needed was a little rest," Vida shrugged.

She stared into the pitch black road firmly grasping her keys. Though her nerves were calmer than before, Vida still made sure the doors were locked. It was a constant fear of being car jacked on lonely roads.

"Quit being stupid," Vida muttered, turning the key in the ignition.

The engine came to life as she turned on the headlights. They illuminated a dense layer of fog, driving any sleep induced courage into the ground. Vida put the car in drive and slowly pulled onto the main road.

Switching on the fog lights did little to remedy the situation. Visibility was weak though the road was certainly empty. She took no chances driving a brisk forty miles an hour. The road seemed even longer at her snail-like pace. Through the corner of her eyes, Vida watched the looming fields.

"Oh to hell with this," Vida choked, stepping on the gas.

She turned on her high beams accelerating to seventy miles an hour. With the fog rapidly clearing, Vida opened her glove compartment. She fished around for her cigarettes.

"Can't one thing go right tonight?" Vida groaned.

She quickly leaned over looking into the compartment. The cigarettes lay pinned beneath her owner's manual. Vida peeked up making sure it was okay, and then back down pulling out the cigarettes.

She pushed in the cigarette lighter checking the gas. It was more than enough for the ride home. With the cigarette rolling between her fingers, Vida finally calmed. Her imagination was getting the best of her; she would enjoy the comfortable sleep ahead.

The lighter ejected not a moment too soon. Vida reached down lighting her cigarette. She took a long drag and lowered her window for a night breeze. It was excessively cool and crisp as she turned to exhale.

Turning back to the road Vida saw a faint figure in the road. As she sped closer it was Marcia in the middle of the fog. Vida slammed the brakes swerving to the right. The car ran narrowly missed the rickety barrier, hydroplaning to an uneven stop.

"Oh my god!" Vida screamed.

She looked back to see Marcia still standing in the fog. She slowly turned toward Vida, running toward the car. Illuminated by the brake lights, the red silhouette of Marcia came closer.

Vida sat in the seat paralyzed as the woman reached her window. It was Marcia, dressed in the leather pants and gaping top as before. Only this time she bled excessively from her nose and mouth.

"Vida, please help me. Let me in we can't stay here. She's coming for me!" Marcia screamed.

"Who's coming what are you talking about?" Vida asked through her partially cracked window.

"Open the fucking door, we're wasting time!" Marcia yelled while running to the passenger side.

Vida released the lock letting Marcia inside. She reached into the glove compartment handing Marcia tissues.

"What happened?" Vida asked while pulling back onto the road.

"She's trying to kill me! Just fucking drive we have to get out of here, she might still be around," Marcia cried.

"Slow down I can barely understand what you're saying. Take a deep breath and chill the fuck out. Now breathe in and breathe out, okay now tell me what happened," Vida said rubbing Marcia's trembling back.

"I was driving home, still tripping a little but not that bad. It was about the time this fog started. So I was going I guess like fifty and this cop gets on my ass. I pull over praying to I don't get a breathalyzer.

I look out the side mirror and see a shadowy figure coming. I'm nervous as hell and I see a woman tapping on my window. It was weird though because I didn't recognize her uniform," Marcia continued.

"Is this going anywhere?" Vida asked as they drove.

"Sorry. There was something odd about her. She was wearing sunglasses…at night. I thought I'd try to sweet talk my way out of a ticket. You know, on the odd chance she was gay.

But her uniform wasn't the same as the cops at the party. I figured she was a state trooper or something. I asked if she could take off her glasses and she said no. She looked at me and said I had to come with her.

I loosened my top a bit, and tried flirting, nothing worked. So I just thought fuck it and admitted I was speeding. The worst she could have done was given me a ticket.

I asked her if she wanted to see my license or anything. She said that wasn't necessary and to come with her. After that she pulled out her gun and said, "Just come with me, and I'll make this quick and painless."

She shot out my tire and I rolled up my window. I tried to start the car. It stalled out, and she punched through the window. Glass flew everywhere and cut up my arm. I ran out the car knocking her down, her glasses flew off, and I just had to see.

She had these weird glowing blue eyes. I know this sounds like a crock of shit, but I swear I'm not making this up. I ran into the cornfield and she came after me, but it looks like I lost her. Then I saw headlights and it was you," Marcia wept.

Vida looked at her not sure of how to react. She for the most part presumed it was the coke. "Look let's try to stay calm, we've both had a frantic night. I'll take you to my place. You can spend the night okay?"

"Goddamnit Vida, don't talk to me like I'm retarded!"

Marcia grabbed Vida's arm remembering those eerie blue eyes. Even with her excessive intoxication, Marcia knew it wasn't a hallucination. She heard the tire explode from the bullet, suffered a deep cut from a shard of glass.

"Look I got this cut on my arm from the window. A piece of glass flew at me and sliced me. Just drive, I want to get as far away from this place as possible," Marcia cried.

Vida nodded seeing the bloody gash on Marcia's arm. Whether created in true injury or fabrication, Vida had no intention of verifying. They drove with high beams full blast, barely cutting through the ever dense fog.

As she drove, Marcia's fingers intertwined the stray hand. Vida squeezed Marcia's trembling hand feeling the frantic pulse. The grip continually relaxed against Vida's, their nerves settled and the night continued on.

"Vida?" Marcia asked.

"Yeah what is it?" Vida answered.

"I know this isn't the best time to ask and all but…Would you like to go out with me sometime. A real date no booze or drugs, what do you say?" Marcia asked staring into the sea of fog before them.

"That would be nice for a change, to actually sit down with a girl and have a good time. Not to say fucking when you're high isn't a rush, but you want more sometimes know what I mean?" Vida asked.

Marcia rested her head on Vida's shoulder as she yawned. "Yeah I get you. I'm so exhausted from all that running. I just want to go back to sleep."

"My place shouldn't be much farther. Take a little nap, I'll wake you when we reach," Vida assured.

The fatigue slowly crept back on Vida as she drove. Her eyelids twitched as the world slowed to a crawl. She steered the car watching cotton-like fog, it disbursed as a shadow passed her headlights.

Vida's eyes quickly opened as the car impacted a foreign object. "Shit what'd I hit?" She slammed on the brakes, thrusting Marcia forward. Vida placed her hand forward pulling Marcia back.

"What happened did she find me?" Marcia cried as she frantically looked out the window.

They both looked forward seeing nothing but the fog. Vida gradually put the car in reverse, as she drove she fretted, there was nothing before them.

"Okay something definitely weird is going on. You felt that didn't you?" Vida shakily asked.

Marcia nodded as Vida parked the car.

"Hold on I'll be right back," Vida whispered as she opened the door.

Marcia grabbed Vida's arm. "Are you crazy! You can go out there, that psycho cop is out there somewhere. Please don't leave me."

"Look I'll be right back. I want to make sure my bumper's not fucked up; this is a Bimmer you know! I might have hit a deer or something. Don't worry I'll be right back," Vida confided.

Marcia nodded as she huddled in the seat. She bit her lip watching Vida leave the car. All Marcia could see was the ever thickening fog, and headlights watching straight ahead.

She watched Vida's silhouette walk to the front of the car. It blocked one light as she knelt down. While Vida inspected the damage, Marcia still kept an eye on the road ahead.

She trembled remembering those eerie blue eyes, and that overly calm persona. Marcia folded her hands and inched forward, she kept an eye on Vida's head as she inspected the bumper. "What the hell is taking her?"

Marcia fell back in the seat trying to stay calm. She thought of their pending date, it brought a needed smile to her face. Marcia did find Vida pretty, especially in seeing her naked, though the memory was excessively hazy, it was more than fulfilling.

As she smiled, Marcia glanced over the rear view mirror. She flinched seeing a figure approaching. It was slight yet definitely an obstruction of the fog, and it continually moved closer. It moved at a pace so subtle, as not to appear eminent without a careful eye, Marcia held her breath as she saw them.

Two tiny blue orbs pierced the fog floating toward the vehicle. "Oh fuck it's her!" Marcia frantically reached over pounding on the horn. "Forget the bumper come on we have to go NOW!" Marcia shouted out the widow watching the figure come closer.

"Alright I'm coming, there's no damage," Vida shrugged as she walked to her door.

Vida rolled her eyes at Marcia's behavior and opened the door. From the corner of her eye Vida saw a faint light. Her head curiously tilted watching two blue orbs. They unsteadily floated forward as a dark figure manifested.

"…the hell is that," Vida whispered. She was forcefully dragged into the car, barely making out a human-like shape.

"Now do you believe me? Marcia cried.

"I don't know what that was, but I'll be damned if I stay to find out," Vida screamed as she turned on the car.

She drove full speed till the blue was long out of sight. Vida's heart rate regulated as the fog began to lift. "See we're almost there."

"Just drive," Marcia groaned.

Vida eased on the gas feeling the car jerk, she nervously watched the speedometer drop. She applied more pressure and the car slowed to a halt. "Oh you can't be serious! There's not way!" Vida held her head against the wheel in frustration.

"Vida this isn't funny, come drive!" Marcia yelled.

"Can't sweetheart, I'm out of gas. I somehow used up half a tank of gas in under five minutes. This is complete bullshit we're struck in the middle of nowhere!" Vida cried as she pounded on the wheel.

Marcia reached into her pocket pulling out her cell phone. "I'll call for help." She opened the phone to see the dreaded 'No Service'. "Goddammit, no service! Try yours."

Vida opened up her phone and had a weak signal. "Alright I'm calling 911." Vida dialed the numbers as Marcia nervously inched beside her.

"Hello we're stranded in the Bakers View Road and would like a tow," Vida explained.

"Why hello Vida, I've been expecting you. Is Marcia alright?" asked an overly calm voice.

"Who is this? How do you know our names," Vida asked as she looked out all windows.

"Vida I'm scared," Marcia whispered.

"Vida, I know where you are. Don't worry it will all be over soon. Tell Marcia I said hi, we met off to a bad start. Oh and sorry about her car, guess I don't know my own strength," the voice apologetically taunted.

Marcia snatched the phone. "Look you psycho bitch, leave us alone. We didn't do anything to you. Go fuck yourself!" She promptly shut the phone and crossed her arms.

"I'm sorry I didn't believe you. We're seriously in some deep shit here. Whoever this woman is, she knows both of us. Are you sure you didn't tell her about me?" Vida asked.

"I swear to you Vida, I never met her before tonight. I…can't think--" Marcia looked in her hands at her phone, it steadily rang. On the upper right cover her service still had an X…

"Don't answer it," Vida whispered.

"It says 'unlisted caller' do you think it's her?" Marcia fretted.

Both women watched the phone ring and it finally stopped. They sat watching the road ahead, now free of the looming fog. The tension increased hearing a buzz beneath the hood, the headlights slowly dimmed to nothing.

Marcia's phone rang within her trembling hands. She flipped it open with tears in her eyes. "What the fuck do you want from us?"

"Did you call 911? We received a hang up from this number," the operator informed.

"Oh thank god. We're stuck on um...hold on a second" Marcia turned to Vida asking the name of the street. "What street is this?"

"Bakers View Road," Vida promptly answered.

"Yes we've broken down on Bakers View Road, can you send help. We're out of gas, and the battery's apparently dead. Please hurry," Marcia explained.

Vida suddenly looked at the phone in her hands, and then at Marcia. "Wait a minute!" Vida gasped realizing it was her phone who had called 911. "Marcia, that's not the police!"

"Huh what are you talking about? They just called me…oh shit," Marcia frowned.

"Hello Marcia is something wrong? You sound so panicked all of a sudden. Please try to stay calm, you don't have much time left anyway," the familiar voice warned.

"What do you want from us?" Marcia asked unable to hide her fear.

"Would you mind putting this on speakerphone?"

Marcia did as told seeing they had little option.

"Good girl, now I'm sorry to say this. But tonight your lives will end. Now you can be good little girls and accept your fates, or we can do it the hard way.

…I much rather the hard way, its fun hearing your terrified screams. Vida, I know you like to have fun, but I wonder do you find pleasure in pain?"

"Lady I'll give you anything you want, please don't hurt us. Is it money you want? If you take me to a bank I can get you up to $200,000. I have a trust fund; you can have it in two days. You can have it all if you just leave us alone. Please," Vida cried.

"Ah, that's what I like to hear, the sweet, sweet melody of fear. I can smell its effervescent aroma in each wavering breath. I have no desire for your money, what I want is far more valuable."

"…What is that?" Marcia cried.

"I want your lifeless bodies within my arms; the cold and sullen stares of this misanthropic night. Your brazen grins of exodus as I lay you harmoniously to eternal rest."

"You're seriously fucked in the head do you know that!" Vida shut the phone and threw it against the dashboard. "Come on we can't stay here any longer. She's probably close by." Vida opened the door watching Marcia shake her head.

"Marcia we have to go, you can do this. If we stay here she's going to kill us. This bitch already knows who we are; god knows what she's capable of. For all we know she could be watching us right now! I'll be right beside you, do you trust me?" Vida asked extending her hand.

Marcia uneasily nodded and crawled out the driver's side. "So what now?"

She looked left and right, nothing but acres of cornfields. It was excellent shelter but also a perfect prison.

"We have to go in there, pick a side left or right," Vida whispered.

"…Left," Marcia sighed.

"Okay, I won't let go matter what but first give me your phone," Vida confided as they ran into the field.

"…okay," Marcia said, she handed Vida the phone watching her turning the volume on max then tossed it into the adjacent field.

"What the hell Vida!" Marcia screamed.

"Trust me, and keep your goddamn voice down!" Vida warned as they ran.

Once inside they immediately sat down watching the car. They saw no one, but it only caused more worry. She easily found them last time, and knew both their numbers.

Vida groaned realizing they couldn't sit still. "Come on we have to go, but try to make as little noise as possible. If we're lucky she might go into the right side," Vida hinted.

They cautiously walked through the field, careful to make the least of sounds. Still in each crumpled stalk and brushed ear, both emitted flurried gasps and muffling screams in held breaths.

"Are you okay Marcia?" Vida whispered as the momentarily squatted.

"We're going to die, I don't want to die," Marcia wept.

Vida didn't want to give into to the obvious doubts, and Marcia's panicked cries didn't help. Whether of was of frustration, adrenaline racing through her veins, or simply the way the moonlight was cast upon Marcia's face, Vide pressed her lips against Marcia's in solitude.

They fell heavily against the crushed stalks arm in arm. For the brief moments of moistening lips, and intertwining limbs both elevated to a softer consciousness. Vida breathily pulled away, feeling the magnetism between their salivating lips.

"Feel okay now?" Vida whispered into Marcia's shivering lips.

"Yeah," Marcia whispered coming back to their grim reality.

"Look we've made it this far, we're safe as long as we stay calm. If worse comes to worse we can split up. She can't chase both of us as the same time, but we need some kind of weapons. Do you have anything useful on you?" Vida asked, rummaging through her few pockets.

Marcia opened her purse, blindly searching beneath the looming corn stalks. Bits of moonlight shone through, only in dim stripes giving glances of the contents. "Lipstick, compact, tampon, ecstasy, ok here I have a stun gun and a keychain pepper spray."

"Packing some heavy artillery aren't you?" Vida shrugged taking the stun gun.

"My cousin almost got raped last summer; I'm not taking any chances. That pepper spray saved her life. These are all we have, but it's better than nothing," Marcia whispered, still clinging to Vida's arm.

"Well we're armed the only problem is there are short range weapons. Let's just hope it doesn't come to that…shh did you hear that!" Vida hushed with a hand over Marcia's mouth.

She slowly guided Marcia's head toward the open road. Through the partially bent stalks, they saw the unsettling calm blue eyed woman, walking about the road on alert.

The woman stopped at Vida's car looking inside, then to both sides of the road. She walked in front of the car, the headlights slowly illuminated her uniform, moments later the engine effortlessly purred to a steady rumble.

"Oh hell no!" Vida whispered.

"Shut up we can't go back to the car now anyway, not until she's gone at least. Vida look…that's…oh my god we have to go now!" Marcia wept.

She watched the woman seemingly pull a shotgun from her waist. The double barrel reflected the insipid moonlight; she cocked it back sharply turning in their direction.

"She can see us, look she's looking right at us, come on Vida we have to run," Marcia frantically whispered.

"…I don't think…shhh just wait. It's a scare tactic; she wants us to move so she can hear. Now we play at her game," Vida smiled.

"What are you going to do?" Marcia whimpered.

Vida took out her cell phone, covering the screen and turning the volume all the way down. She carefully dialed Marcia's number and waited. "Now let's pray she takes."

The woman held the shotgun looking in their general direction. Her ever tranquil blue eyes pierced through Marcia as she watched. They soon disappeared under the replacement of the black sunglasses.

"Don't make me have to come after you. I can hear your little hearts racing, the sweet scent of adrenaline; it's morphine for my aching conscience. Don't worry girls." She fired a shot into the field taking a step forward. "I just want to talk with you for a bit."

She held the gun looking into the field with a smile. "You're just delaying--" A faint sound disrupted her chiding. She quickly spun around hearing a muffled jingle. "How nice, saved me a trip and a few shells!" She ran toward the right with gun drawn.

Vida knelt upward watching her disappearing into the field. "…alright let's go!" She held Marica's hand leading her on a full speed run across the field. They squirmed through the stalks and dodged ears of corn.

"We're going to do it," Marica gasped, she for the first time smiled as they could see a faint light.

"Come on just a few more feet there's something up ahead! I swear Marcia; if we make it out of this, we're definitely fucking when we get back to my place," Vida exhaustingly promised.

"I'll have to hold you to that, but I definitely need a shower first. Maybe we can get one up…hey wait a minute!" Marcia gasped.

"No fucking way! That can't be right!" Vida screamed as they exited the right side of the field.

Less than ten feet away was Vida's car, engine running and driver door wide open. Vida's lips trembled in an awkward step backward. Her eyes watered realizing they somehow ran in a circle.

"I don't get it, we ran straight across the field. Why are we on the opposite side, this is some kind of joke right? Please Vida tell me it's a joke," Marcia whimpered.

"I…I…this is totally fucked. There's my car…but there's no gas and it's running," Vida nervously answered.

Before Marcia could add to the desperation, she heard a familiar jingle. She looked to the ground seeing her cell phone partially buried in the grass. It rang as both watched it illuminate the ground.

"Don't answer it," Vida warned.

"What's the point? Don't you see Vida it's over we're going to die. No matter what we do she'll find us and kill us," Marcia cried.

"Stop being such little bitch, you can't give up hope so easily. There's the car and it's on, that's all that matters. Now let's just get inside and get the hell out of here. We still have the stun gun and pepper spray. Now calm down and let's go," Vida instructed.

Marcia kicked over the phone to read the caller I.D. "Vida, that's your number isn't it?" Marcia picked up the phone showing her the screen.

"Yeah that's my number but my phone's right here," Vida explained showing the phone in her hand.

"You know what, let's just go," Marcia whispered turning her phone off.

Vida cautiously walked hand in hand with Marcia to the car; in each rubbery step their fingers melted in an unbreakable bond of trust. At the door Vida noticed the rising fog. It swept across their ankles heavily blanketing the road.

As if standing on clouds, the car was completely hidden past the windows. Nothing but endlessly thick fog choked their semi confident stride. Vida's nimble fingers clasped the passenger side handle.

"Very slowly go inside then lock the doors, I'm going around. Whatever you do make as little noise as possible. She's still around," Vida whispered, reluctantly releasing their grip.

"Vida," Marcia timidly whispered.

With a related sigh of despair, Vida clasped Marcia's hands in hers and lightly rubbed them. "It'll be okay, the car's running and we won't stop until we reach town okay."

Marcia nodded as Vida quickly ran around to the driver side. Once inside Vida shut her door and turned to her right. She anxiously awaited Marcia's entrance, at the same time checking all windows for her.

"Come on Marcia!" Vida sharply whispered.

She waited a few seconds as Marcia stood contently at the door. Vida's hands trembled with the keys firmly in the ignition. Her right hand slid the car into drive, again calling Marcia.

"Marcia cut this shit out it's not funny!" Vida yelled her voice stripped of all composure; eyes squeezing out unwanted tears of ill-fated feelings. She watched Marcia's chest expand and retract against the glass, slightly inching forward as if overanxious.

Vida moved closer toward Marcia, eyes completely flooded and voice trembling beyond recognition. "Please Marcia come inside." Vida peered closer watching Marcia's chest retract once more, then slowly move away from the glass.

"Marcia, quick fucking playing," Vida cried, she continually looked out all windows for their nonchalant stalker. As Vida was nearly against the glass, Marcia was thrust forward, rocking the car in the force of her impact.

"Oh god!" Vida screamed seeing the blade rip through Marcia's stomach. The glass shattered in the bloody entrance, spraying the leather bound interior, and painting Vida in the warm sticky blood.

She desperately scrambled from the door watching the knife twist. Vida watched in absolute horror as Marcia was ruthlessly gutted. Through her viciously lacerated stomach, a hand reached inside unlocking her door.

It quickly opened as Marcia's lifeless body was tossed on the hood. Her neck was slit clean across, eyes rolled back and body heavily slid off the hood. With a soft thump Marcia was gone, and so was Vida's confidence in survival.

Still she couldn't give up, there had to be some hope still left for her. Vida fell backward out the car, frantically crawling as she turned to get a running start. In the blink of an eye the woman ran around the car and stood over her.

Vida crawled away, fingers sliding against the wet pavement. Literally moving on adrenaline alone, Vida sweep kicked the woman sending her to the ground. In the split second opening Vida made a run for the field.

Not even looking back Vida madly ran while drawing her phone. She keyed in 911 and sharply stopped. In her left thigh was an excruciating tear. She collapsed hearing the gun fire once more. Clutching her wounded leg, Vida huddled hearing the brushing stalks.

"It's over she's going to kill me," Vida whispered, no sooner did she see the silent aggressor approach.

She knelt to Vida holding the gun in one hand and bloodied knife in the other; laying them in the grass, completely buried within the density of the fog. Her uncomfortably calm smile was still prevalent, even in the mist of Vida's hysteria.

She raised a bloodied hand toward Vida, watching the woman flinch at her near motherly touch. The woman dried Vida's tears leaving bloody smears, and continually smiled as she knelt before Vida.

"If you're going to kill me, just do it and quit fucking with me," Vida cried.

"Vida are you angry with me?" the woman asked.

"….You just killed my potential girlfriend in cold blood. You chased us all night, smashed up my car, and sit there with that goddamn sadist grin on your face; how the hell do you think I feel!" Vida blasted, no longer caring what her fate may be.

"Vida I truly am sorry for your friend, but it's what I do--"

"Fucking psycho! At least tell me your name," Vida wept, reaching into her skirt pocket.

"You're the first one to ever ask that. They usually ask things like 'why are you doing this to me, or 'what kind of job has you killing people'. It's nice someone cares enough to ask such a simple question. To be fair I'll tell you, it's Shantra, nice to meet you Vida Cruz," Shantra politely introduced.

"Really, then go to hell Shantra!" Vida growled jamming the stun gun into Shantra's stomach.

She manically watched in glee as the volts flew through Shantra. The elation was short lived upon Shantra's reaction. Not even a flinch did she produce. Vida's eyes welled once more seeing the device was broken.

"…I don't want to die, please Shantra don't kill me," Vida begged, somberly looking at the stun gun, a failed last resort.

Shantra took the device from Vida and turned it on her. At first touch Vida jumped from the spark. "It seems to be working just fine sweetheart. Well it's obvious your time is up."

Vida raised her head to Shantra looking into those dark glasses. She timidly removed the glasses, for the first time staring into the glowing blue, so peaceful and tranquil she almost felt safe.

"What did I ever do to you? What did Marcia ever do to you?" Vida whispered in her strained voice.

"Vida it's a bit more complicated than you think. If it were up to me; I'd probably let you gom but it just wouldn't work out because well…. I'm sure there is a light at the end of your tunnel or whatever. I simply have a job to do," Shantra deeply explained.

She raised a palm toward Vida, plain at first then from the center a blue swirl appeared through the flesh. It swirled gaining a darker hue, drawing surrounding fog into its vortex-like whirl.

"Is this how I die?" Vida whispered, watching the light within Shantra's palm.

Shantra shook her head, "This is where it all begins." As she brought her hand closer, the material of Vida's shirt dissolved. Leaving only her bare breast, Shantra's hand gently pressed atop the skin.

Vida shivered in the rush of energy piercing her body. From the depths of her toes to the ends of her hairs, it collected within her breast and into Shantra's palm. Within the brief seconds of the touch, Vida felt her heart strain alongside a splitting headache.

Her mind ran rampant in various inebriated images. Vida winced as the pain grew stronger, yet consciously watched Shantra remove her hand and simply smile. The pain was immense but Vida would bear it, she had to as it was all she had left, simply pain.

Vida crossed her arms clinging to the very feeling. Staring at the dried blood on her hands and clothes, Vida couldn't cry anymore. There was nothing left but to face her fate, as much as she fought it seemed inevitable.

"I love my mother and my father, I'm sorry I disappointed them with how I turned out. I'm sorry for embarrassing them because I'm gay. I'm sorry for squandering half of the money on drugs, I'm sorry for never spending enough time with my family when I had the chance. I'm sorry for not protecting Marcia, god I'm so sorry," Marcia declared, burying her hands in her face.

"That was beautiful yet so ironic. People feel so invincible when they're young, only caring about appeasing their own secular desires. Then when they square off against death, it is only then do they remember what is truly valuable to them.

Shantra stood up and simply waked away, leaving the disoriented Vida on edge.

"…You're not going to kill me?" Vida asked, almost disappointed.

Shantra turned back to Vida with a more serious expression. "I'm done with you. Don't worry in a few seconds you'll understand." Shantra waved goodbye and walked off into the endless night.

"But…you can't just…," Vida slurred as she struggled to her feet.

The images rapidly faded into her conscious mind. As if watching the tragic finale to a personal memoir, Vida saw the truth. It rolled back to the middle of the party, with Vida having her third shot of tequila perched atop a chair arm.

She was passed a rolling joint, taking an extended draw before handing it away. Her laughter grew as a tray of jello shots paused before her. Marcia lay across Vida's lap resting the shots on stomach.

Vida slowly licked the sunken navel, and swallowed the jello, reaching for another glass of tequila. The two fell into the couch with Vida crawling atop Marcia. Their lips crushed together exchanging alcoholic saliva and toxic breaths.

The center table was cleared, soon replaced with sequential parallel ant hills and razors. Vida went first, drawing her hair back and separating two lines, then Marcia. At first inhalation, she fell back against the couch, reeling for another go.

In psychedelic merriment they embraced onto the floor. They rolled in desire of the moment, unclasping belts and loosening shirts for the superfluous feel. Marcia reached for the table, pulling herself upward. Both staggered to their feet hand in hand.

In the far corner yet another medicinal gathering commenced. Enticing as it was Vida had more lucrative prospects, her hand slipped within Marcia's tight pants palming the firmness of her ass.

Marcia gripped Vida's hand dragging her fingers around her front, hooking them with moistened pleasure. Her knees momentarily buckled as Vida pulled her forward. They stumbled toward the staircase, taking a bottle of scotch and complimentary dime bags.

They fell into the room kicking the door closed. Two more lines were drawn, inhalation of their coming ecstasy and one last shot to seal the moment. Eyes blurred and bodies swayed in the rising heat. Vida first fell upon the bed shredding her clothes, pulling Marcia forward and feeling the small pinch within her chest. It was the best sex of their lives, all for that feeling.

It was so beautiful at the moment, so pure and excruciatingly gratifying. It was just like all the other parties as Vida stood in tears. She finally understood what the experience was for, all the terror, anguish, pain, everything.

"Is this all there is for me?" Vida wept.

She looked about the rapidly dissipating fog, within the starlit night a crack of light emanated. Vida closed her eyes afraid of what to come; even so she was filled with wonder.

What of Marcia, or even Shantra? Familiar warmth washed across Vida's body. It was as soft as a lovers touch, innocent as an infant's first suckle against a breast. Her heart eased to the warmth and her eyes reluctantly opened.

Vida looked about the setting, for the first time seeing sunlight. In fact it was daylight with a field of blushing roses. Her car sat in the middle of the road, in pristine condition and she ran over seeing Marcia knelt by the tire.

She looked at her body and it was free of injuries, even her leg as she stood was completely healed.

"…Hey Marcia, I guess you…oh," Vida quietly greeted, seeing Marcia slumped over her human body. It was neatly laid beside the car, eye lids shut and wound deep in the chest.

"Everything is going to be okay now," Marcia whispered.

She turned around and greeted Vida with a warm hug. They held hands turning toward the open road, and for once were excited to see what awaited them at the end.

They both watched as the body against the car slowly vanished.

"Marcia, I wanted to say this since the first time I laid eyes on you. You're so beautiful and I'll still take you up on that nightcap, even if it is daylight," Vida offered.

Marcia pulled Vida into her arms nodding in agreement. "So this is what it's like to be dead huh. You know when that woman stabbed me, it didn't hurt at all. I kind of thought I was dead before she pulled me over.

Back in the room after we had woken up, I kept seeing these flashes of myself hyperventilating and struggling. I felt my heart stop for a second then it went away. After that we left and the night from hell started. I wish I could have at least said goodbye to my little brother," Marcia sighed.

"I wish I could have told my parents, I didn't mean those nasty things I said. There's so much I regret and life really is short. But we're together so what does that mean?" Vida asked as Marcia moved closer.

Marcia cradled Vida's head towards hers. "It means we were fated together or some shit like that. Who cares just kiss me." Marcia giggled drawing Vida closer.

In their celebratory kiss, a white gate manifested beside the two. The warmth radiating from the bars was literally heavenly. As they proudly kissed both turned hand in hand face the gates.

"Hey do you think it's a sin if lesbians have sex in heaven? You know because, well you're hot," Vida whispered.

"Um that's a good question, let's ask someone," Marcia suggested.

"Okay, Vida shrugged as the pearly gates opened.

The End

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