Year One - Part Four

Fight for My Life

This is the opening song to me story. So, I didn't know where to put it. In the song section is good I guess ^_^.

**Begins with slow music and someone talking (Just so you all get the idea)**
Person: In a world, not too much different from ours, there is a war, being fought by 5 young girls assigned to save the world, heaven, and Kiranai Hebun it's self. This is their story...

**Music becomes up beat and song starts**
Singer: The battle begins. Our destiny is drawn. It's time to go, no time to leave. We must go now, and wait for the time begin. We wait in fear.
But now I feel more confident. I think I can do what I must. Because of you...

OO, as the battle starts hold me tight. Don't ever let me lose the fight,
I have no choice...I must go on....

As I go stay there by my side. And I know you'll be there for all time
And now I am ready to fight! For my life....
Fight for my life!

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