Title: Samurai Pangaea

Author: SHI-kun

Warnings: Blood, violence, samurai, bad language, and shonen-ai

Author's Note: This is my first fiction story please be kind to it. Should you not like the content, please do not comment to say that my story is suck. Just leave, please. My Japanese translations come from Please blame them for any miss-translations for my chapter titles.

Prologue: Suetsukata (End of the World)

"In the year 2110, a massive war broke out. Many weapons were used that are now lost to us. By the year 2125, the most destructive weapon of all was fired. Many brave warriors fought against it, and partially succeeded. The explosive weapon landed in the Pacific Ocean. The land was thrown into turmoil. People and cultures had to brace themselves. When everything had settled down again, we were in a new land. A super continent, where every bit of land was connected. They called this new land Pangaea.

"Pangaea was a lawless land, and many cultures strove to conquer over all. To protect the lands there rose four warriors. Seiryu no Shashu of the East, Suzaku no Buin of the South, Genbu no Tantou of the North, and Byakko no Katana of the West protected the land once known as Merika and raised up a strong and good emperor. He recreated Merika in the image of his homeland, Japan, and it was good.

"Years went by, and the legends of the Beast God warriors faded from memory. The decedents of the emperor grew fat off the land. Over time, the emperors forgot the people who fought for them, and became harsh masters to the peasantry. The people rose again. They sought the aid of the legendary warriors, but they were only human. New legends rose to take their names. Yet, as in all times of civil war, they were divided. East and South joined forces with the emperor. North and West were forced to fight them.

"The civil war was a bloody time, and no end seemed to be in sight. But the sky is the darkest and coldest just before dawn. The emperor was killed, and the bloody revolution was ended. The four guardians swore that they would never leave the land unprotected again. To ensure this, the country was divided into four quadrants, and each Beast God warrior would rule a quarter of the land.

"It was a good plan, but Byakko wouldn't agree. Instead, he set up the emperor's daughter in his place and swore that he would never return to a position of power.

"Now, go to sleep, little child. Byakko is watching, and all good children honor him by respecting their elders." Huffed an old man as he leaned over to tuck his grandchild into the bottom of a wagon.

"Please, grandpa. Don't make me go to bed." Whined the young girl.

"Good night, and may the travel be good to you." Said the old man. The young girl yawned and fell asleep, still pouting over being sent to bed. The old man approached his son and daughter-in-law.

"Godspeed." He whispered. The three embraced warmly, and the old man went back inside his hut. He peered out the door until he could no longer see the dust raised by the wagon, then turned and yawned his way to the pallet on the floor.

"Well. I guess I'll see them in a few days. Once they sell all that corn in the village, that is." He said, mostly to himself, and fell asleep.

((A/N: Yes, it's short. It's a prologue. Yes, I know the Chinese Beast Gods are highly over used, and yes this will end up a bit like Rurouni Kenshin or Samurai Deeper Kyo, Any comments along that order will be ignored. Translation and cultural notes are as follows:

Suzaku – If you know FY, you know that Suzaku is the phoenix god-beast from the South.

Buin – a type of staff.

Suzaku no Buin – The staff of Suzaku or Suzaku's staff, a staff fighter from the south.

Seiryu – The blue dragon of the East.

Shashu – Archer

Seiryu no Shashu – Seiryu's archer or the archer of Seiryu, an archer from the east.

Genbu – The green tortoise of the North.

Tantou – a type of dagger

Genbu no Tantou – The dagger of Genbu or Genbu's dagger, a knife fighter from the north.

Byakko – A white tiger from the West.

Katana – a Japanese sword.

Byakko no Katana – Byakko's sword or the sword of Byakko, a samurai from the west.))

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