Alex focused only on the future. Getting through tonight was going to be the hardest task of her life. The cold seeped into her bones with unrelenting chill. She felt as if she would never be warm again. She tried to force to memories of her past out of her head. This was not the time to reminisce. She was a fighter and had been taught to be tough. Now was the time. Regaining hold on her mind and her shaking body she concentrated.

From her best guess she had been here for approximately a day and a half. She had seen or heard from no one since they had thrown her in this pit. That was the next thing she was underground. From the fall and how much it hurt she figured it was more than ten feet deep. She felt slowly around. It was a rather large hole. From her best guess it was about twenty feet by twenty give or take. The walls were clammy and moist. Two were stone of some sort. Old and pocked with age. Mold and moss grew in great abundance from the seeping cracks. The other two were hard packed dirty. No the safest but they clay and from the feel of the rock had held for years.

Alex had searched this place thoroughly with an exactness that a scientist couldn't match the only way out was up and she was in no condition to climb this walls no matter how fit she was. Her diabetes was kicking in and she was getting the shakes. She had dislocated her shoulder from the brutal shove down the shaft of this hell whole. Putting it back forced a scream out of her that she didn't know she was capable of.

Alex sat back down to conserve her energy. There was no telling how many hours or days she was going to be in here but if it were much more she knew she wouldn't make it. With that thought she drifted into dark sleep

"Hey Alex," Alex turned to see Max's smiling face not three feet from hers. Wow he looked good. His muscles were accentuated by the shirt that he wore and his smile never failed to weaken her heart. God, what was she thinking there would never be anything here. They were friends and not to mention colleagues and this was just a running date.

"Hey, Max. Think you can keep up with me?" She asked in good fun. Competition was a thing that she enjoy maybe a bit too much but she didn't care. She was good and the only way to get better was to put herself to challenged.

Max took an appraising look of Alex in her running shorts, and cut off sports shirt. She had already warmed up and her skin had a shine from the sweat beginning to form. "You bet your job I am"

"Hey now that job is mine and I have seniority over you, you better remember that," Alex jostled back to the subtle push.

"Yes sir," A mock salute which Alex followed up with a playful punch to Max's bicep and took off at her set pace. Max quickly caught up and they began their jog. Up hunter's hill, around hoodings knob, and meet back in joyville park.

"You got some spirit. Before now I just thought you were just some desk jockey trying to look professional." Max looked at Alex, waiting for a retort that was sure to come his way. A smile spread across his lips.

"As long as I am the jockey in front I don't care what I am riding," Damn did I just say that. Alex scolded herself and shook her head, "She you latter looser," She quipped over her shoulder before she made her way to her car.

Max watched her saunter off still shocked by her statement. He never expected something like that to come from her. In the office she was quiet, subdued, but she sure as hell knew how to push when it cam to it. God, what was he thinking she was his superior, not his boss, but she might as well be for the thoughts that he was having. Turning around he also made his way to his car.

Alex got to her car, got it and set her stuff in the seat beside her. "Lets go missy," Said a menacing voice.

Alex woke up breathing hard and looking around. She was still in this mess and still had no idea how she had gotten here beyond, that voice. Man that voice scared her so bad and it found it's was into every dream she had. Alex pulled her knees up to her chest and rested her chin on it. This was no time for a pity party but she couldn't help it. Max was the last one to see her, he had no idea what her plans were. The department chief thought she was headed off to her best friends wedding and she had five days of planned vacation and a weekend before anyone realized she was missing. She was dead, in the literal sense.

"Hey there missy," Alex nearly jumped out of her skin as she attempted to locate the voice. "What's the matter, you're not scared are you?" A scraping sound came against the packed floor and a plate hit her thigh. "Eat I know about your diabetes and you are no good to me if you die of low sugar."

"Who are you, and what the hell do you want," Alex did not liked to be toyed with and she switched from sad to pissed instantly.

"My, my we are spirited aren't we?"

Alex stiffened at the remark. Max had said that earlier. He had been watching her. This wasn't a random hit. This was planned and the question was why and what was their objective?