death came to her as she sat,

huddled in the corner,

watching the lonely walls close in on her.

death came,

to entice her,

to draw her lost soul to him,

he came to her and offered her that final lonely blade

he held it out to her

so that its deadly silver answer to life would temp her,

tempt her to take it,

to twirl it between her pale, lifeless fingers

as she weighed her options

the good againt the bad,

the love against the hate,

her life against her death.

she shut her eyes against the pain,

tried to force it out

with no luck

then before she could change her mind,

she laid that deadly silver blade

against her wrist and let go

she felt her last tie to life

slowly ebb away on waves of pain

and as she watched the candlelight

flicker madly over the growing pool of crimson

she said goodbye to all those

that really had loved her

and let death take her away