dizzy, head down, room spinning
oh, i love the feeling
who needs you when i have this?
yes you, you're gone, i have someone new.
no, maybe not someone
just something, something good
something to take the pain away from you.
numb, it's good
i like it better this way
i'd rather not feel tonight
sick of pleading and crying,
i'd rather not hold you tonight.
hands are shaking,
oh it's not a bad thing
it's just a sign that you
you're not the only reason that i am
so incredibly fucked up.
bet that makes you feel better,
you've gotta feel better, right?
because this is all about how you feel
and you didn't kill me at all.
it's okay, keep the words coming.
every word you say hurts,
and for every hurtful word you say to me
it's another replacement sent into my mouth,
down my throat, into my stomach, into my veins-
telling me that i don't need you.
because the replacement is better,
even if it will kill me.
it's okay,
you've already killed me enough, love.
hey, maybe i like the pain.