Locked in this room

Nothing inside

Within my prison

I cannot hide

The fact that my sanity

Is still running thin

That everything's outside

And I'm locked in.

I walk to the wall

Its emptiness, pain,

I touch its blank surface

Then sit down again

A sealed chamber

With nothing inside

A sealed prison

Where I'm forced to hide.

The mind, it cries out

For freedom again

But its only true gift

Is even more pain.

A permanent settlement

With no relief still

Draining my consciousness

And my own will.

The prison it holds me

Taunting me so

With no place to hide

And no place to go.

The laughter begins

And the mania starts

I can hear my pulse quickening

With my still-beating heart

Sweat pouring down

Eyes growing dry

Skin feeling cold

Thoughts all awry

A place of containment

For the powerful soul

A place where all thoughts

Brand new and old

Are sentenced to locking

Them inside the mind

A door to the outside

I pray I shall find.