When the world was a cold and desolate place, there was no such thing as life, merely the essence of Life. This essence could not pervade the cold and empty world; instead it built up outside the world, as a dam builds up water behind it. Before long the essence of Life built into a voluminous force and coalesced into a great blaze. As the great fire burned, its warmth never directly touched the world; it remained cold and barren of life.

As the Blaze continued to grow, it sparked and from two of the sparks formed a pair of beings. The first entity was a great bird, the second a monstrous beast. Both the Beast and the Bird went to the world and touched where the Blaze could not. As the Bird traveled, it spread its warmth and life was given to the world; as the Beast followed the Bird, it consumed the infernal fires and unbearable heat the Bird had left behind. Neither Beast nor Bird knew of the others existence, and, for a time, the world was balanced.

Eventually each entity became aware of the other and sought after their counterpart. The Beast sought the Bird in order to sate its ever-present hunger; the Bird sought the Beast so that it could spread its heat without interference. When the two entities found each other a terrific battle broke out, and whether this fight lasted hours, days, or even weeks is unknown for the nights were as bright as the days while the titans fought. Eventually a victor came out; the Beast had consumed the Bird and in that moment it was aware of the Great Blaze, which had given it life, and its hunger returned with a vengeance. The Beast left the world to consume the Blaze but as it drew near, the Blaze instead consumed the Beast.

When the Blaze had taken in the life of both Beast and Bird, its strength grew and it could touch the world, which had grown cold in the absence of the Bird. The Blaze remembered the feelings of both the Bird and Beast and spread its warmth to some places and withdrew it from others. The Blaze cycled the world spreading and withdrawing its warmth and light, and continues to do so, and will continue unto eternity.

A/N: Sorry if you've missed me, I've been dead forever.