It is said that all the clans were once one, and that all the people were one, The Sen-Kai, Those Who Await. What they were waiting for is still unknown, but during the waiting, some would break off and go their own way, to find their own lands. This is the story of such peoples…

The Fire-Eaters, Thur-En'Kai, Those Who Consume The Flame.

It was during a time when the elders of the Sen-Kai were gathered that a young man by the name of Shewl heard a voice. It wasn't much of a voice, barely a whisper, easily drowned out by any other noise; but during the quiet he could just barely make out the whispering. It told him to head south, repeating the instruction over and over. After several weeks, Shewl decided that he would discover what was to the south so that he might silence the whispering.

He gathered supplies and left the camp at night while all were asleep. As he continued to quest south the voice grew stronger, but said nothing more then to urge him to continue south. As the days went by, and his food supplies got lower and lower, Shewl noticed that it became increasingly warmer. Still, the voice continued to urge him southwards, and Shewl rationed his food even more. Shewl had spent over a month and a half traveling, and his food had run out just was he came upon a desert. Once here the voice spoke to him, "Go into the desert, all that you will need to survive you will find there."

For two days, Shewl wandered the desert without food, and little water, and on the third day of his wanderings he slipped on something completely unexpected, ice. Shewl noticed that the air was indeed cooler, and after two days in the hot sun he gladly welcomed the coolness. Hoping to find more water, and perhaps even food, Shewl walked towards the coolness. Within an hour the temperature dropped sharply; Shewl fell, no longer able to feel his limbs, only to have a great beast notice and come towards him. The Beast seemed to have a shell of ice surrounding it, but as soon as any part of it touched the Beasts skin, it melted, only to freeze again once it was off of it. The great Beast loomed before Shewl, and much to his surprise, it spoke to him.

"Young Shewl, I have called you here so that you my learn and know. The time has come for those Who Live Beyond to call to Those Who Await. I have chosen you to be my Voice, so that others might follow me and that I might led them to their destinies. I will teach you how to live without food or drink, sustained only by the warmth of the air around you, and you shall go back to your family and friends and teach them as well, and bring them here so that we may make a new people. You shall be my Thur-En'Kai."

And so the Beast told Shewl the secret to drawing in heat and be sustained by it, and Shewl using that knowledge drew in the warmth of the Beast, and was revived, he no longer was cold. Shewl reached out with his bare hand to touch the ice of the ground, only to have it melt at his touch, and was amazed. Shewl thanked the Beast for the knowledge and left to go back to his people, and he would return with his family and friends and all he could convince, and settle in the desert to become the Beasts people, to become Thur-En'Kai.