Hello, dear readers!

This is a just a notice stating that this story is now fully revised. (6/27/10)

To answer many readers' questions, the original sequel that I had written to this story, Once Upon a Nightmare, was lost, as were the plans, during my last move. I'll have to start from scratch, which is daunting because I remember the first draft was very hard to work with.

Since I'm starting over, I'm trying to decide which ending works best to build off of, A or B. The original was built off of A, and took place when Alaiah and Atticus's child was a young teenager. As for B, it would be along the same lines as that ending, but Alaiah would meet Atticus again. Perhaps her husband dies and she seeks refuge with her children? I'm unsure of which one I'm going with.

Readers: if you would like to vote and say which ending you'd like to see built off of (Atticus being alive or Atticus being dead) then please feel free to let me know.

Also, any reviews for this revised story would also be welcomed!

I look forward to hearing from you!