I remember the waiting room
where I left you.
sobbing and alone.
smelling of cigarettes and coffee.
I didn't look back.

No, I don't regret not cleaning up
the mess he made of
her beautiful face and
this passing phase.

You always try to get involved.
Spouting your nonsense
like it's wisdom.
Grow the fuck up.
You can't finish what you
didn't start.

So yeah, this is mytwisted puzzle.
I laid the traps
and placed the turns
with tricks a plenty up my sleeves.

I can admit I was wrong. I
never should have started this.
Too far gone now though, to stop my
body from spilling over the edge.
The gutless wonder.

I destroyed you from the inside.
Friends and family, cannon fodder for your fight.
War. That is what it meant for us and
a noiseless tragedy for the audience who all died in
their sleep.

I still remember you,
in the waiting room.
And I know I should have stayed.