Memories of an Ancient Life

I was born a long time ago I

In a place so far away

With a story that had yet to be told

To my family, and friends

My life was hard

Won't try to deny it

Full of sorrow, heartache, and pain

But sadly it wasn't only to me

Problems were everywhere

No matter how far I ran

Things little and insignificant

But often large and cruel

However, no matter the circumstance

Of grief, and humiliation

A part of me still survived

A very important one

It was the part of my person

That drew people to me

That showed me love, and respect

Kindness, friendship, and caring

My friends from my childhood

In my three different schools

I never stayed one place

But I guess it made no difference

Because wherever I went

I met someone new

Who took hold of my hand while smiling

And helped me chase away the pain

And sometimes I moved

So very far away

Ocean upon ocean across

To unknown but scary lands

And the people I saw

Weren't always nice

Often mean, and sadistic

Traumatizing me forever

But somehow in someway

No matter how different I seemed

Or weird or even freakish

A friend found its way to me

They cared for me, and protected me

From bullies, creeps, and manipulators

Throwing themselves into harm's way

And lending their shoulders to my tears

Sometimes, I had to leave them

The friends that I had made and treasured

Very often we forgot each other

And never saw that person again

Nevertheless, I never forgot them

My childhood and new friends

Many of them changed when I left

Not always for the best I admit

But no matter what they have become

Good, evil, or corrupted

I still held onto the memories

Ofthe kindness, and love they had shown me

And the lessons that they taught me

About not giving up

That I was a good person

A friend worth fighting for

I treasured those gifts like precious jewels

Of self-confidence, and respect

That pulled me away from the darkness

And showered my dreams with hope

But it wasn't just my friends

That taught me how to value

The person that I was

And who I could become

My cousins, my aunts,

Uncles, my father, mother and sister

They too showed me

What it really meant

To love someone


And to never stop believing

In myself, and in my future

And although, the battle

Is far from being won

I know now with both my head and heart

Who my allies really are

My family, and my friends

That I have to this very day

And the people I once knew

And I might never see again

Because of the lessons they have taught me

And the love that they have shown me

I still remember who I am inside

And the darkness has come and gone

So to all those people

Where ever they are today

If they are happy, and carefree

Or experiencing terrible tragedy

I want to thank you so very much

For everything you have done

It may not seem like its important

But believe me it really is

Thanks to your kindness, love, and respect

My memories of an ancient life

Are lessons of survival and compassion

And I am so very grateful