Sapphire Serendipity
By Simply Shelby

A basket full of clothes
And a broken washin' machine
A drive to the local laundry mat
To help her get them clean

Sky blue walls and bright yellow machines
She takes her basket and picks a spot
Blues and whites and delicates and jeans
Thrown in the washer turned on hot

A helpful stranger passes by
And tells her she should rethink her thoughts
She laughs at him and scoffs
Cause he's wearing stripes with spots

The washer beeps and she gets up
Drags out the clothes, damp and soaked
And stops and stares and the offending clothing
Her whites dyed blue and delicates choked

She looks around for a certain man
Catches his eyes and wants to flee
He was right, they both knew
Her whites of sparkling blue; sapphire serendipity

Each week he helps her and she helps him
They grow closer week after week
They discuss their lives and dreams
Sometimes they do more than just speak

A few weeks later she understands
The basics of doing laundry
He nods and smiles approvingly
His eyes of sparkling blue; sapphire serendipity

He's so nervous, but he tries not to show
As he tells her to check the pockets of his jeans
And he walks away to go to the restroom
While she can only ponder what this means

He walks back out and she's sitting, waiting
What did she do with it, he thinks desperately
And she smiles at him as she pulls out
A ring of sparkling blue; sapphire serendipity