Sorry the smile didn't reach my eyes
it's not your fault I swear it
the bitter cold and stale blue smoke
does nothing to clear my head
This mood it is, quite temporary
and need not for your alarm
Your cares and worried whispers
they will never do harm
Kisses lighten the load
of invisibles lies of somber
I'm okay, okay okay okay
or at least I will be
Sorry I could not turn to you and laugh
There's this heaviness inside
that even you can't find
But lighten it still with your kisses
and take it from my soul
Again and again again again
Whisper sweet nothings
to fill my empty heart
and your touch will warm my skin
breath life into me
I'll live again
I'll be okay again
just be with me
and hold me tight until the storm
passes from grey to black
when the winds are blowing bitter
and the rain is silver daggers
I will feel your love
and I will hope to be happy
and I will be alive
and feel better