1I keep holding back the words
I so desperately need to say
cause I know you'll never want it,
you'll never wanna hear them
so swallow the words, and choke em down girl
and save them until they are gone
cause nobody wants em,
and nobody needs to hear
I love you
and don't ever expect to hear them in return
if ever uttered in regret
cause no one will ever feel them
no one will ever say them
and you will be alone...
even when surrounded by all of those
so-called friends
as they feed you so-called hopes
cause it's nothing but poison my dear
and they'll drip it in your ear
as you lull yourself to sleep with
the wonderful, illusions and lies
yeah keep those words in
and ne'er say aloud
cause he doesn't want to hear
I love you
not from you anyway