GrowingUp with Zach

By Landon Dray

Setting: The Dog's dog house. It is about ten o'clock during the day. The family is gathered in the hallway to the front door. The living room is off to the left and off to the right is a hallway leading to more rooms. At the end of the hallway is the kitchen.

Characters: Daddy Dog is a big light brown dog. He cares a lot about his family and want nothing but the best for them. Mommy Dog is like most typical mothers. She wears dresses with aprons on and cares a lot for her children. Zachary is fourteen years old. He's like any other typical fourteen year old with a bad attitude and a 'the world hates me' out look. Katie is a whiney six year old girl who just wants to hang out with her brother and doesn't understand exactly why her father has to go away for a week. Jason and Kyle are Zachary's friends, they are fourteen just like him and want to go hang out.

Daddy Dog: I'll be back in one week. While I'm away you're in charge Zachary. (He lays a paw on the young pups shoulder.) I want you to look after your mother and sister, and be the man while I'm gone.

Zachary: (rolls his eyes and brushes his fathers paw off of his shoulder and mutters) Whatever dad.

Daddy Dog: I'm going to miss you all so much, but I'll be back soon. It's just a little business trip. The company wants to merge with another food company. They say that we could possibly be bigger than Kimbler and Bitey Bits. This could mean more bones and chew toys for all of you.

Mommy Dog: (Sniffing and dabbing a handkerchief to her snout) We're going to miss you so much. Hurry back, and be sure to call every day. Oh, and don't forget to bring the kids back something from your trip.

Katie: Mommy! (Tugs on her mother's apron) Do I get to go with daddy? I wanna go with daddy!

Mommy Dog: (Pats Katie on the head) No dear, you have to stay here with mommy.

Katie: But I wanna go with daddy! Let me go with daddy! (She begins whimpering and her mother picks her up and nuzzles her soothingly)

Mommy Dog: It's alright honey; your daddy will be back soon.

Daddy Dog: Hey there, you toughen up my sweet pup. Your daddy will be back sooner than you think. So dry those eyes of yours and act like a big pup. I don't want any more crying out of you.

Katie: Yes daddy. (She sniffs and wipes her eyes)

Daddy Dog: Good. Now come here and give me a hug all of you. I need to be going. (He hugs Mommy Dog and Katie, but Zachary stands to the side and doesn't move) Zachary. Zachary come here and give your father a hug before I go. (Zachary reluctantly hugs his father quickly then stands back away from him as he watches him leave) I'll be home in a week. Take care of the family Zachary. I'm counting on you. (He exits)

Mommy Dog: Well, I have to go run some errands. Zachary, you are in charge of your sister. I should be back around three, so make sure your sister gets lunch.

Zachary: But mom, Jason and Kyle wanted to hang out today, and I told them I would!

Mommy Dog: Well I'm sorry, I have to go out today, and I need you to watch your sister.

Zachary: Why can't you take her with you?

Mommy Dog: Because Zachary, your sister is too young to go out with me all day. She'll get bored in no time, and I do not want to deal with her whining all day.

Zachary: But mom…

Mommy Dog: No buts about it Zachary. You're staying here and looking after your sister, and that's final.

Zachary: This is just great. You never let me do what I want. I always have to change my plans for you; this sucks! (He grows deep inside)

Mommy Dog: That's enough out of you. You'll do as I say, or you'll be grounded for a week. (Zachary mumbles something, and flops down on the couch.) Now be good, both of you, and I'll be home later. Goodbye. (She exits)

Katie: Zachy, will you play with me.

Zachary: No, now go away and don't bother me until mom gets home.

Katie: But Zachy, I want to play.

Zachary: Go play with one of your dolls or something, and leave me alone. (Katie shrugs her shoulders and exits. Zachary sits on the couch still angry from his argument with his mother.)

(A few minutes later we hear a knock at the door. Zachary gets up to answer it.)

Zachary: (Knock, Knock) I'm coming I'm coming. (He opens the door.) Jason, Kyle, what are you doing here?

Jason: Hey man, I thought that we were supposed to hang out today.

Zachary: Sorry man, my mom had to run errands and I got stuck watching Katie.

Jason: Oh, well that sucks.

Zachary: Yeah, but there's nothing I can do about it. I'm stuck here until three.

Jason: Well maybe tomorrow we can hang.

Zachary: Yeah, maybe. Bye.

Jason and Kyle: Bye.

(Zachary shuts the door behind him then sets back down on the couch and turns on the television. A few minutes later Katie comes in.)

Katie: Zachy, I'm hungry. Fix me a bone or something.

Zachary: Not now Katie, mom just left. Go to your room and play with your dolls and toys. Leave me alone right now.

Katie: But Zachy.

Zachary: Katie! Not now.

Katie: (after a few minutes) Zachy, I'm bored; I don't have anything to do.

Zachary: Go to your room and watch television. Just leave me alone.

Katie: Zachy…

Zachary: (practically yelling) Katie just go away and leave me alone! I do not want to be bothered right now.

(Katie's begins to cry, drops her head and slowly walks out of the living room. Zachary goes back to watching the television and occasionally muttering to himself about how life isn't fair.)

A few hours later…

(Zachary turns off the television and stands up.)

Zachary: Man I'm hungry. I could sure go for some Kimble and Bitey Bits right now. I wonder if Katie is hungry. (He yells) Katie! (No answer) Katie, Katie where are you?

(Zachary walks out of the living room and yells upstairs. He then looks all around the house, unable to find her. He checks her room, the bathroom and even his room, but she is no where to be found. Then he walks into the living room and sits on the couch.)

Zachary: Oh man, if I don't find her, then mom will be so mad. What am I saying; mom being bad isn't as bad as what could happen to her if I don't find her. She could be hurt, or scared, or worse, dead. Oh no, I have to find her. This is all my fault. If I wouldn't have yelled at her and told her to go away, then she would be here right now. Oh man, I feel so horrible now. If anything happens to her, then I don't know what I would do. I just couldn't handle it. I know I'll make something to eat. Maybe the smell of food will get to her, and she'll come out from where she's hiding. It's a long shot, but maybe it'll work.

(He gets up and walks into the kitchen. He opens the pantry door and finds Katie asleep on the floor.) Katie!

(Katie stirs and wakes up.)

Katie: Zachy? I didn't bother you like you told me to. Can we eat now?

Zachary: Katie! (He coops her in a hug and licks her face, giving her kisses.) I was so worried about you Katie. I called and I called, but you didn't come. I didn't know if you were dead, kidnapped or what.

Katie: You told me to go away and not to bother you. You hurt my feelings Zachy so I ran in here to cry. I'm sorry I made you mad Zachy, really I am.

Zachary: No Katie I'm sorry, I'm sorry I yelled at you, and I'm sorry I was mean to you. I promise I'll never be mean to you again. Really, I promise. Next time I'll pay attention to what you are saying and I'll try not to take my anger out on you. It was wrong of me to yell at you, and I'll never do it again.

(They stand and move out of the pantry. Zachary pulls a box off of the shelf.)

Zachary: How about I make you something to eat huh? You must be hungry, and I'm starting to get hungry too.

Katie: I'm starving.

Zachary: Good, you go into the living room and watch some TV and I'll make us something to eat.

(Zach fixes the food and they eat. While they are eating Mommy Dog enters from her errands, carrying two brown paper bags full of groceries.)

Mommy Dog: I see that everyone is still alive here. Oh good, and you have eaten. Looks like you did a good job here today Zachary. You can go hang out with your friends now if you like.

Zachary: (He looks at his mom then at his sister.) Nah, I think I'll just stay here the rest of the day and play with Katie. I don't really feel like going out right now.

Mommy Dog: Oh, well that's real sweet of you.

Zachary: Yeah, I just realized today that I should spend more time with her. She's the only sister I have, and I'd be really hurt if anything happened to her. So I'm going to spend as much time with her as I can from now on.