Chapter 1

I'm not a good writer. At all. Especially when it comes to writing in English.

You see, English is not my first language. Portuguese is. I'm a Brazilian girl. But wait! Before you start picturing me, don't! I'm not what you probably think a "typical" Brazilian girl looks like, those brazilian girls they paint for you in magazines and TV and stuff like that. I'm not pretty, I'm not exotic, I'm not hot, I'm not tanned, I'm not sexy, I don't dance (I mean, I do dance, but I'm kinda too shy for that), I couldn't care less about soccer… I'm pretty much the opposite of all of that. I'm not pretty, sexy, hot… I'm very plain actually, with my brown eyes, light-brown hair (or dirty blonde, as some might say), kinda clumsy being as tall as I am (I'm 6')… To be honest, I don't even feel like a Brazilian.

You should also know that I have this problem with words… I'm not very good with them. I have this problem that I can't stop talking and most of the times I lose track of the conversation. Just like I did in the paragraph before this one. That happens especially when I'm nervous. And I can't be succinct. Imagine how terrible that is to someone who is majoring in Communications. Yep! That's me. I'm just terrible with words, but good with images. I can't read anything and not just picture that perfectly in my head. That's why I'm majoring at what I'm majoring… I let other people write and I'll do the work at putting those words into images. But… You see? Doing it again. Babbling. Sorry!

So, let's get to the point.

You must be wondering… if I told you already that I can not write and that I'm not good with words, then why the hell am I writing a fiction? Well… Because I have a story that needs to be told. Or not. Actually, is not something that needs to be told, it's more like something that I have to write down. I can't have it with me anymore. I wanna let this whole story go. Put it in the past. But it's never that easy. And maybe writing it down will help me get there.

I guess I'm only gonna know that for sure once I finish it. But God knows when that will be. I'm in the middle of a huge project, this being my last year of college, and it is taking some of my time. But hopefully not all of it. Tonight is April 9th. Let's see how long it will take to tell you this story.
So… let me start…

Oh… First off, just because I'm a kind of ashamed of some of the things I'm gonna expose about myself in this fiction, I'm gonna take a fake name and for the boy in question too. From now on, I'm Amy. And the boy, Josh.

Well, it starts as every fair tale does.

Girl meets boy. Boy meets girl. Girl falls in love with boy. But there's a minor difference there. It all happens virtually.

Yep! You may think it's not possible, you may think I'm a fool for thinking it possible. Well, I am a fool, but for other reasons. And some of those reasons you'll find in this story. Some you'll only know if you really know me. But it is possible to fall for some boy over the internet! If you haven't yet, reading this, you'll understand how it is possible.

Ok? Ready? Can I really start?

Good. Then let's do it.


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