Prologue: A World in Discord

Dear Reader,

To start out this history of Aadsenfeloth I believe it would be necessary to explain at least the existence of the Empire of the Red Hand. So this volume shall be a recording of ancient histories regarding the rise of the Empire. Thank you and I hope you will find my history of Aadsenfeloth and the Empire to be enlightening. -Kyrus of Yesheun, Historian and Recorder for His Majesty, the Duke of Aadsenfeloth, Quesen V.


In the time before the first millennium and the birth of the Empire of the Red Hand history was, for the most part, unrecorded. The few ancient scrolls and tablets we do possess from this time period are written with such barbaric grammar and language that we cannot understand most of the text. However, from those nearly indecipherable documents, we can glean some fact. Before the Empire, utter chaos and discord ran rampant throughout our world. Barbarian tribes of Narcians hunted and farmed on the western edges of what is now the District of Kail. Clans of mysterious Plyecians carved out caves in the earth to escape from their innumerable enemies. Members of all the races warred amongst themselves, against other races, and agreed with no one. Justice was non-existent and the few laws that were formed were generally flouted outside the clan. It was a dark time in which to live. Life expectancies were low for all races. Disease, war, and bitter feuding ruled the world.

Centuries of anarchy and bloodshed made the wise realize the world needed change. A large clan of Musmercian mages, scholars, and religious leaders united to find a way of bringing peace to the world. They spent many years gaining the trust and support of the hordes of Musmercian warriors. Soon they had amassed the first army the sun had ever looked upon. They quickly invaded and conquered the territories surrounding their own. Within a few months they were in control of the largest amount of land ever to be owned by a single faction.

After the Musmercians had gained support from the citizens of their stolen lands they stopped their expansion in order to form a government. They began writing legislation for their empire. Laws were instituted on a large scale for the first time. Under their new government the imperials and their conquered neighbors began to prosper. The new empire's neighboring factions soon joined their cause as allies. It seemed that every day the infant empire grew in strength and size.

The chaos that had reigned for so long was finally beginning to dissipate. A shining ray of hope pierced the dark clouds that were poverty, desolation, and death. An empire was born from the ashes and order was slowly coming to the world.