Raindrops for a loved one

She loved the rain.

She watched as the raindrop made a trail towards the other speckled ones that had fallen on her window. She was tired of the waiting. Still clad in the black suit she had worn to her parent's funeral, she ran out of the door and into the rain. Her tears mingling with the icy raindrops, the salty taste of them at the corners of her mouth. Her hair plastered to her head, the cold numbing her. She ran, not in any particular direction, with no destination in mind – she ran… until she had no strength to run anymore.

Warren Pierce was out late tonight. No particular reason. He had been working on the case of the madman who had killed 12 people already… and who still eluded the police. All in the same way, never changing his style. He was always in Warren's head, a nameless face that was mocking him, and would continue doing so until he was caught. Warren, at a young 26, was a famous detective; he had done this by catching the 'Nightstalker.' Warren laughed to himself bitterly. 'How original' his thoughts were interrupted as he saw a young girl run past him and who then slowed down and to his surprise collapse. Muttering under his breath, he ran towards the girl – oblivious to the rain.

She closed her eyes, too exhausted to keep them open. 'Why me?' she thought, the memories of the last fortnight fresh in her memory. She was vaguely aware of the faint footsteps that were coming towards her. 'Maybe he's a mugger' was her last thought before she slipped into unconsciousness.

Warren cursed when he came closer to the still body. The long black hair with red highlights belonged to someone, someone he knew. He looked down at the pale face and swore again. What the hell was she doing here? She was their only goddamn witness and she decided to go for a run? He kneeled down beside her and touched her shoulder. She feebly opened her eyes and he found himself looking into deep hazel nut eyes. She had dark circles under them from presumably lack of sleep and was soaked. How long had she been running? He looked down at her feet and was shocked to see torn tights but no shoes.

A man wearing a dark coat watched this touching scene between the two people. He recognized the young girl but the mans face was shadowed with darkness. He laughed to himself. No matter – they won't be here for long….

Warren was about to pick up the young girl.

"Ebony? Can you hear me sweetheart?"

As he started to pick her up he heard a rustle from the bush behind. There was no wind so he was instantly alert. He stilled and turned to see a large man in a dark overcoat holding a knife in his hand pointing it at them. Warren moved quickly catching the man off guard. The man looked surprised for an instant then quickly covered the feelings in his face. Ebony had awoke and stared at the man in horror as if it was someone she recognized….

"Warren… it's him, it's the…" Ebony screamed as a branch came hard down on Warrens head.

"Warren!" Ebony was broken off by a hand coming over her mouth and felt herself dragged…

She loved the rain.

Warren watched the lone raindrop trickle its way down the window…