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Miko, Miko, where are you?

Kentir sat in a hardwood chair, chin resting on his hand and blank eyes staring out of an open window. Fading sunlight was blanketing the room in a soft glow, illuminating the expression of dismay that had taken hold of his usually handsome features.

Miko had been gone for a month now, with no messages sent, and no news of any kind brought from any parts of the continent. For God's sake, the bastards had let him go without his own father's consent! The audacity of them!

For all he knew, Miko was dead. Dead and lying somewhere in a field, eyes closed and pockets turned out.

His other hand came down on the table in a fist, so forcefully that the room shook from the blow, and he let out a sound that was neither a sigh nor a sob, but full of misery all the same.

There was a knock at the door. Kentir's head turned, eyes focusing on the thing sliding door that granted entry into his office. The knock sounded again, volume increased. He stood.

Before he could reach the door, however, it slid open to the side, revealing a man dressed in courtly greens and greeting Kentir with a salute.

He returned it along with: "What is so important that you must enter without my approval?"

"Sorry to be so insistent, sir, but the emperor demands your presence at once. He must speak with you. It is of the highest priority."

So they had sent a squire to retrieve him from his home. Kentir glanced back at the setting sun.

Miko, be safe.

"Sir?" The squire cut in.

"Yes, yes, I'm coming. Go on ahead, tell Rikon that I will arrive shortly after you."

The young man turned and exited.

Kentir snatched his seal from the shelf, which allowed him entry into the palace. With another look out the window, he left his house at a mildly slow walk.

God knew what Rikon would want.


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