Welcome to the Shrine of Paper or Plastic.

Where money prevails above all.

It determines who you are in this community

Bow down to it.

Visa, Master Card, American Express, Chase, and others accepted.

Or even a Benjamin or two.

Keep your money to yourselves, unless you want to come and spend

Look down upon the less fortunate,

Make fun of them make them feel worse.

But make sure you still have faith in us

Otherwise we all fall

And We can't back up the support without you.

Money has become its own religion.

Where Visa, Master Cards, American Express and Chase are our gods,

The paper aspect makes you divine.

The shines we worship are Abercrombie and the like

Keep your faith keep your money

Fear nothing, its only sixty dollars for jeans.

You can afford it.

Buy your kid a nice brand new car for their 16th birthday.

Watch them wreck it.

Not like you care, your baby gets a new one.

They can go through twenty cars,

When some families can only afford one.

Keep your faith.

Join us in conquering the world.

Money is your religion now.