I thought I knew what love was

And I thought I wanted you to love me

But that was lifetimes ago

Back then when I was needy

I was a very silly girl indeed

And it got me into this mess

But rest assured and mark my words

You'll pay for all of this

(What have you done, boy?

Come on, show me where it hurts…

You're no lover and I'm no fighter

Doctor, this is where it hurts

This is where it hurts…)

You've got very lovely eyes

But see, I've got this broken heart

Oh please don't worry, doll…

Failure is almost art

Doctor's gonna prescribe me something

Conventional medicine just won't do

But rest assured and mark my words

I'm coming after you

(Chorus x 1)

I'm gonna get you like you got me

I'm gonna get you and then you'll see

Exactly where it hurts!

(Chorus x 2)

(Bridge Repeats)

(Chorus x 2)