Foolish Damsel

I saw you …
Meek and broken.
I knew I could help.
I held out my hand
And asked you to take it.
You smiled at me …
Melted my heart.
Your fingers touched mine …
And something changed.

I never thought,
As I pulled you up,
That I might turn out
This way.

You imprisoned me here,
Afraid I might leave.
I tried to help you at first,
But your fear drove me away.
Yet, you still hold my strings,
And you keep pulling me back.

I pleaded with you,
But you silenced my words.
I tried to pull back,
But you held my wrists.
I tried to run,
But you hunted me down.
I tried to fight,
But I've no chance against you.

I'm trapped:
In a corner,
At a wall,
Confronting you.

I look at you:
I see the change,
I didn't see before.

Your eyes,
Once sad,
Blaze to life with a hunger.
Your grip,
One weak,
Grows strong as you hold me.
Your smile,
Once gentile,
Is now ravenous and frightening.

I'm a silly damsel in distress,
Caught by the monster
I was so foolish to wake up.
I'm angry and helpless,
Growing limp in your grasp.
Draining my life,
I might give up at last.

Enter your castle,
Your home ...
My prison.
I stay here with you
Broken and sad.
I've been here so long
I know I'll
Die here someday:

A princess
Whose dragon
Has locked her away.