This took me a week to get out. Writers block coupled with bad tendonitis in my dominant had has put me a little behind on everything, including schoolwork.

Ashley, one of my favorite writers,gave me the inspiration for this, she doesn't know it, but she did. I thought about this poem over my breakfast one morning. The lines formed in my head as I sat there in the dining hall.


Staring into her bowl

She sees floating grain

Mixed with colorful sweet.

As a child, she remembers,

Never would she be allowed

Such a concoction to eat.

Still she ponders

Over her breakfast.

Idly stirring her spoon.

All day she could sit

Thinking over things, trivially

The time was nearly noon.

And sit she could not.

Putting the bowl in the sink

She wandered out

Of the room. She was

Still pondering over the thoughts

Her breakfast held about.