Porcelain Heart

It rested between your clasped hands,
your fingers curled against the shape,
palms sweating with its delicate touch,
she thought it would be forever safe.

The little cracks were slowly mending,
the hurt just began to fade from its shell.
Angel, protecting it from the world,
It was breaking with her living through hell .

Enclosed in the darkness, you brought the light,
she trusted, and gave it to you to hold tight.
Mending the cracks and fixing the deep gashes,
guarding the secrets that were her nightmare flashes.

Every pain that she ever felt was in your hands,
the deep cuts that felt never to be healed,
bled, every drop fell across your palms,
staining, them with her painful memories.

Her pain began to lessen but the cuts did not heal,
she needed that shoulder, she was torn to pieces,
broken up deep inside, her tears began to come,
but you couldn't see the tears she cried.

She thought you were the one, but she learnt the hard way.
Your footing began to falter, your hands began to shake,
little did she know, it was no longer safe.
Her little porcelain heart was just about to break.

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