I was your favorite.
I know this is true,
from the pictures
on the table,
a black and white snapshot,
skinny girl with a boy
on her hip.
Playing dolls with a real baby,
bathed me, clothed me,
carried me, loved me.
Five by seven glossy,
A skinny boy in a white jacket,
too big to carry,
with a ring sewed to a pillow,
who turned invisible
in a room full of women and
watched you dress
for your wedding.
Color on Kodak paper,
you're eye level to
a tall shaggy boy's shoulder.
Watched me grow
patient and kind
Listened to secrets
moma can't know.
Liked my hair when it was
longer than yours.
I'll put on my black tie
and I will carry you today.
The books do not balance.
My account is overdrawn.
You have left with me
oweing more than
I can pay.
All I can do is stand
pockets and heart
turned inside out,
trusting in your
allowance and love
one last time.
I was your favorite.
I know this is true,
because you told me so,
many times.