Longing children
Often wonder if
Vast morning pits
Ever decline into darkness
Lovers on staircases
Only see each other but
Vain little girls
Earn their rights as mothers
Lusty little teenagers
Open up to mourning
Varying their paces to
Eat their own souls' warning
Likable gluttons are
Overeating the population's
Valuable ideas that are always
Enhancing someone else's life
Life is just a word, it seems
Octaves above the seams that
Vacant parking lots can dream of in
Evening glows of streetlights orange
Every time someone smiles
Vanity streams for miles and
Ominous ideas burn deep into
Lush minds that need a shrink
Even when the morning sun's
Velocity isn't benevolent the
Orange horizon will hold no secrets and
Loom over the ideal person's mind
Ecstatic children will be playing
Very twisted little games
Only lightning will flash fame
Little kids do not know that
Each the same is a change
Venomous change will never end and
Orion will win in the end
Leaving them adults, to make children and start again
Even when the tables have turned
Very much won't be adjourned and
Oils that make your skin shine
Lack a quality to bemire
Everyday these
Visitors come
Only to show that only once will you be
Lonely in this day

probably the most abstact poem I've written so far, laced together with a vague over-theme and then several minithemes and just a lot of play-on-words.