Her toes were in the sand,

The sun reflected off her skin,

Hair escaped from her messy bun

And brushed lightly against my neck; shoulders.

She was leaning back on me

(warm skin pressed close together).

My arms were wrapped around her,

Head tilted, looking down over her shoulders.

I could see the book that captured her so

(But I was captured by the milky white curves,

Almost able to see everything hidden

By her pink-tan-brown bikini).

The lapping of the waves

Created steady music to match our hearts.

I slowly turned my head and kissed her

(lilac aroma pleasant as my lips met her neck).

She smiled (a deep breath, flutter of heart)

And the book slowly shut.

Attention now on each other, her body came away

As I lay her down on the sand.

Our lips (bodies) met and opened.

Skin clung to skin as I lay on top.

The gulls cried, the waves came hard.

We were tiny on the beach,

Our bodies quivered, her lips moaned,

Enveloped in love and passion

Under a water-reflected (passionate) sun.

a/n: My first of this type of poem, not one for love scenes. I hope it was decent. If not, please let me know what I could do to make it better.

Additionally, this was the first piece I tried to write from a male perspective. All you boys out thereā€¦tell me what's wrong with this please. Thanks.