The Gay Man's Kid Brother

Chapter One

Hence Jesus' brother was born

It all started with my mom screaming bloody Jesus. Considering she had a measly ten hours of labour beforehand in which, she got used to the majority of the pain or so I think – the screaming was a bit much.

But then again, I was to fault here, so I guess I didn't have much say in all of this… still don't.

At the same time, my dad was apparently having his right hand broken through all of this. He claims that, that was his sacrifice to the process; mom claims it wasn't much, especially when compared to her own.

And can you blame her?

Thirty minutes later and a bit, and a lovely girl was born…

… not.

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on which side you were on, a lovely boy was born instead. The family curse and / or blessing, another depending query, was wrong in my mom and dad's case.

I came along: umbilical cord, blue faced, small penis, and everything.

Both my parents are quick to admit that I was the quieter of the two, between Sebastian and I that is. I'm pretty sure that was foreshadowing at its best, giving a little peek to what the future had in store for the both of us.

From what my parents say and Sebastian's amazing memory, it was only when I was placed gingerly in Sebastian's three year old, childish grip; that I started hollering. Sebastian is adamant in saying that it wasn't a frightened holler per se, it was more of a relieved holler, the kind that was good for me, or so he says.

Sebastian also likes to pleasantly forget the time he almost dropped me on my head, only hours after I was born. I like to cheekily remind him here and then that he could have sent his brother, who was only a mere hours old, to retarded damnation. Sebastian's never happy when I tell him that.

But all in all, it was like any other day. I just added another small penis to the population, is all.