I wish I could bake you a loaf of bread,

Something substantial, something material

That wouldn't change with my moods,

Because I'd like to say thank you.

Today, I crashed quite hard against

Feelings I couldn't understand and you

Didn't just stand by and watch,

You listened and you said

I love you. I love you too, we all know that

And I never tried to hide it,

At least not since that morning in May,

When the crash was less hard, more pleasant.

My father right now is listing points

On where I went wrong, where I proved myself

Irresponsible and unworthy. Not of love,

He won't go that far, but of respect.

The funny thing? I'm happy, because you don't think

Like him, and you see me in a way

No one else takes time to. Here, I have

No accusations to fight off, or expectations

To scramble up to. I love that, and most of all,

As I've said before, I love you.