"Lumen. Caligo. Chao."

Blinds closed downward plunge the already darkened room even further into the abyss. A small bed rest in the corner and is mildly tidy. Everywhere is covered in piles of books scrolls, and odd looking charms and artifacts. On top of a desk, the clutter has been pushed to the side leaving space for a large open book. The only source of light comes from the glowing letters of an ancient looking text.

"Anima. Mortis. Recurro."

With each chanted syllable the archaic text shines a deeper crimson. A small breeze appears from nowhere and starts to circulate. His purple robe covered arms reach down and lift up the book as he continues to chant.

"Ancient spirits from long ago. Loki, Puck, Coyote, umm Eshu, heed my calls. I have need of your divine powers. There exist an individual. One that is evil. A being that has robbed me of my dignity, my honour. I call you forth to help extract vengeance upon this fool."

The breeze turns into a fierce gale as items begin to scatter in the small area. This only adds to the man's excitement, as his voice grows louder with each word.

"That's it spirits! Cast off your shackles of old and raise once again! Give me your power so that I may have my revenge! Unleash the first curse! Cambiamento!"

The red light gushes out the book enveloping the entire area in its glow. And it as soon as starts, it stops. The dark overtakes the room again. The wind dies immediately causing the objects caught in its grasp to go crashing back to the floor with a bang. Still the robed figure pays no attention to this. Calmly he closes the old text and carefully lays it back on the table.

"Excellent. The game is a foot. And soon, my eternal foe, you shall know the error of trying to challenge me. Mwhahahahahahahaha!"

As the first ray of sunlight appears on the horizon, the day begins anew. Birds chirp and take to the sky. Insects begin to move from blooming flower to flower. And all the people peacefully resting begin the slow process of crawling out of bed.

- Swoosh -

The sun's rays reflect off the side of large metal broadsword as it continues to slash the air around it. The silvery blade is massive and old, with numerous nicks and scratches appearing on its surface. Yet, it seems to have an invisible sense of power flowing through it. A pair of strong black gauntlets tightly grips the golden armoured hilt of the weapon. Paladin stands tall in his black suit of knighthood with the exception of the helmet. Holding his sword in two hands, he continues to practice wish it. Neighbours might think this a very strange sight were it not for the tall fences surrounding the home.

- Swoosh -

A few more swings and Paladin feels that he has done enough practice for his morning routine. Setting his sword tip first into the grass he sighs contently and stretches his metal encased joints. Turning his gaze upwards, he squints his red eyes up at the beautiful sunrise.

"Truly breathtaking," he marvels at the sight. "It really feels like this will be an enjoyable day"

"AGGHHH!!!!!!!!!" a scream sounds from inside the house.

"Or perhaps not…"

Paladin yanks his sword out of the ground races back inside. The glass patio door shatters into shards flying everywhere, as he does not bother to waste time opening it. Metal boots stomp on the floor as he races through the kitchen and into the hallway. Reaching the stairs, he bounds up them three at a time. Landing hard at the top step, he forms a determined look at action and thrusts his sword forward.

"Family! What is the situation at hand? Are we under siege?"

Paladin keeps his determined look for a moment and then suddenly blinks at the sight before him. His entire family is in the hallway all perfectly fine. Copy and Clone are in their pajamas laughing, the latter literally rolling on the floor. Besides them, a fully dressed Shift stands leaning against the wall looking annoyed which is par for the course. Only two people seem to be shown any concern or worry as they look into one of the rooms. One is Velocity who is half dressed with a pair of blue jeans on. The other is Assistant who is still struggling to wake up with a pink silk robe and rollers in her hair.

Paladin makes his way through the hallway being careful not to step on Clone. Reaching the doorway he peers over Assistant's head to see what the fuss is about. Looking in past the floor of video game controllers, mangas, and dirty clothes that make up the floor, the second eldest sees the last member of his family. And keeps on looking at him.

"Good Morning Boom. Err tell me are you aware that your hair is…"

"Pink?" Boom asks sarcastically answering his brother's question.

The teen stands on top his bed in a black t-shirt and Simpson's style boxers. Arms held up in the air, he holds on to his messy hair, which is typically a dark blue color. Except for now as it pink. Bright pink in fact. Bright fuchsia pink if you want to be technical about it.

"No Paladin," Boom says going on, "I had not noticed that my hair mysteriously turned pink over night. Thank you so very much for FREAKIN POINTING THAT OUT TO ME!"

"Whoa," Velocity says holding up his hands. "Dude, relax a bit. Chill."

"Chill? You want to me to chill? Heh, easy for you to say. You don't look like the freaking love child of Sakura Haruno and Choji Akimichi!"


"You didn't put anything in it last night?" Assistant asks yawning, the screaming seeming to have completely woken her up.

"Nothing. Unless it was one of you…" Boom begins to point an accusing finger at each of his siblings.

"Bah, like I'd ever touch your yucky hair" Clone mutters making a sick face.

"Maybe it changed naturally. You know, something to do with your powers" Copy suggests.

Everyone glances back at her as a small smirk begins to appear on her lips.

"…which means that it might end up being permanent"

Boom forms a panic look while Clone launches into a fresh fit of giggles. Velocity quickly moves and pats boom on the back.

"Relax man, we'll figure something out. I will not let a brother of mine have such a fashion nightmare! And if anyone makes fun of you for wanting to be in the gay pride parade, tell me and I'll beat them up for yeah"

Velocity quickly ducks as Boom fires a small blast of energy, which misses and blows up a hole in the wall.

"Anyone else makes a joke like that and the phaser gets set to kill!"

"Oh get over it already!" Shift yells out. "It's hair Boom. Not that big of a deal."

Boom looks back at him, or more specifically his hair. "Oh really? So how many bottles of gel that you waste on that two colour monstrosity"

Shift says nothing at first, just eerily smiling as he moves right up to him, face to face. "Congratulations Boom. You just lost all chance of getting any sympathy from me. Have a nice day…pinky," he adds on before heading off towards his own room.

"Like I even need you. Velocity's got my back. Right man?"

"Umm…well I kind of have a lot of stuff to do. Plus, it's not exactly a supreme ultimate battle for life and death. You kinda have to go solo on this one dude."

"What? But, but…"

"I'll see about picking up some hair dyes for you later on. Okay, Boom?" Assistant says with true sympathy as she gives him a light pat and turns to go.

The rest of the family slowly follows after her with only Paladin pausing by the stairs. "Remember brother. It is what is on the inside that counts, not the outside," he says before heading down.

"Gee thanks…yeah walking after school special"

The robed figure moves again tossing aside potions and books in a frantic hurry.

"I know it has to be here somewhere…" he mumbles as he tosses a skull away, "Aha!"

A small clear crystal orb now resides in his grasp. Finding a place on the floor, he sits crossed legged with it in his lap. Outstretching his fingers, he places his hands just above the smooth glass surface and begins to chant once more.

"Stupid idiotic lousy no good jerks…"

This is just but one line of many Boom has ranted off in the last while since leaving the house. Wearing jeans and a white hooded sweatshirt, which he keeps pulling down on it to keep his hair hidden, he walks in no particular direction still angry from earlier.

"I can't believe those jerks! I would have helped them if their look had been messed up. Well, probably…"

"Hello Bryan"

Boom ranting stops at the sound of the mysterious voice. He looks around to see whose speaking but no one seem to be in sight.

"Up here idiot"

Boom looks up to see a floating transparent head just above him, its features hidden by the robe over it.

"Having a good hair day?" he asks smugly.

A blast of light soars up through the head causing it to disperse for a moment before it quickly reforms.

"Hey, you could let me finish first! I'm only here as an illusion to your mind anyway."

Boom glares at the magic user's concealed face. "Well then, consider that a preview for when I track you down and get my revenge for this! I'm going to blow you up to kingdom come!"


Boom's gaze turns the side where across the street is a group of attractive girls are giggling at the sight of Boom apparently yelling to himself. Looking up, the angry teen suddenly realizes that his hood is down again revealing the pink hair for all to see. Boom frantically covers it back up while not taking his eyes off the face

"What do you want anyway?" he says remembering to whisper this time.

"Isn't it obvious Bryan? Revenge. You humiliated me, so now its payback time. I didn't realize you could cast spells as well but it doesn't matter. This will just my victory that much sweeter."

Boom says nothing at first before finally holding up three fingers. "Okay, one it ain't no spell. Two, I don't even know you so how could I have humiliated you? And most importantly, why the hell do you keep calling me Bryan?

"Umm…because its you name. Yeesh, how did you manage to beat me when you have no brain cells?"

"I've…wait. You," Boom says his voice shifting to a growl.

"So my foolish rival finally remembers me"

"Yes, I do. And when I find you, what I'm going to do you will be fifty times worse then that last little incident. Prepare for a whole lot of pain magic boy!"

"The head makes a shaking motion suggesting laughing. "Big deal. I could stop you before you got anywhere near me."

"Yeah right. You and what army?"

The head is silent and then vanishes in an instant, as fast as it first appeared. A destination now in place, Boom sets out, anger still radiating off his face. He manages to make it another ten steps before aloud whooshing sound in the air. Looking around, he sees several portals of black energy forming and stretching forming in the air.

"What the…"

Shift sighs out loud as the ringing phone breaks his concentration. Organizing what tasks or missions needed to be done for the week and who would handle what duties was suppose to be a group task but more often then not, it all ended up in the third eldest lap. Muttering he shoves some of the stacks of papers away from their spot on the table. Reaching over to the phone he quickly jabs down on the speaker button.


"I'm Being Attacked By A Bunch Of Monsters!!!"

"Really Boom? You don't say" Shift responds as dryly as possible.

"Yes. So hurry up and get out here to help…"

"Why don't you try calling back when you have some maturity to match your age, Boom"

"No wait. I'm being serious…"

A brief smile plays on Shift's lips as he releases the call before turning back to the paperwork. "Alright, where were we?"

Velocity slams his fist on to the table nearly cracking the structure in half. "Rock, Paper Scissors to decide who gets to go beat up the terrorist cell! Anyone game?"

"I hereby except your challenge brother"

Shift just slams his hand on to his forehead out of annoyance.

"Damn you Shift!" Boom yells out panting a bit, as he tosses his cell phone behind his back.

The small black device flies in the air for a few seconds before landing into the waiting jaw of a white furred with wolf with blue markings splashed over its body. The head viciously shakes the device back and forth as it chews on the cell while the second head lets out a deep growl towards its pray.

The beast is not along. Following along is a wrinkly and green skin goblin, a sadistic grin on its little face as it carries a club of bone, two sizes too large. A purple headless ogre somehow managing to keep going the right way with a giant seven legged cockroach, riding shotgun on its neck. Ten killer mushrooms with red and green spots hop along in formation with a lumbering lizard of granite bringing up the rear and a black iris eyeball floats over head, plant vines hanging off its body as tentacles.

An alley appears off to the left side and Boom dives into it. He continues to run until he reaches the middle of it and then comes to a complete stop as he waits for the monsters to catch up.

"Okay then," he says not bothering to turn back to face the group. "No one is around, and I hate running. That means…"

Boom turns around with a pair of goggles on his face, his eyes sapphire orbs of light shining from underneath. Likewise, his hands glow with the same hue, as he holds them at the ready.

"It's Game Over for all of you! Ha!"

The monsters all sweat drop in unison as Boom starts throwing punches, each one launching off an explosive blast. Instantly, the small confined alley is filled with explosions of brick, mortar, mushrooms and exploding rock lizard. The goblin cackles as it jumps from side to side dodging a few blasts before a pile of bricks fall down on top of him from above. One blast hit's the eyeball dead center causing it to burst into flames and go flying out of control. The cockroach leaps off the ogre and scurries away in retreat as the eyeball takes its spot crash landing into the headless ogre.

The two headed wolf snarls and charges forward using, its speed fast enough to curve around the attacks. It launches itself into the air, fangs and claws aimed right for Boom's throat. The teen stops his attack cups his hands together and forms a bright orb of energy that he slams into the wolf. The blast vaporizes both heads and sends the now smoking wolf body hurtling back into the street. Boom allows himself a quick breather as he looks over all the fallen enemies.

"Quack Quack"

Boom looks down and blinks at the sight of a rabid duck, foaming at the mouth as it comes waddling towards him.

"Give me a break" Boom says as he just kicks the duck away.


"Is that all you got?" he yells out. "Cause, if so then you really are pathetic"

A loud snort is suddenly heard and a blast of hot air is felt on the back of Boom's neck. Wincing at the horrible smell, Boom curses and slowly turns around to have a look at what's behind him: A 15 foot tall grey scaled dragon complete with leathery wings and a long amour spiked tail.



Boom starts to charge up another blast…

- Wham -

…but is bitch slapped by the dragon's tail sending him flying through the air and crashing into a pile of garbage cans.

Garbage now covering his body, Boom struggles to pick himself up as the dragon takes a few stomps forward and peers down at him. The smell of brimstone empties out of its nostrils as the ancient beast opens his jaw and a mouth of fire begins to form.

Boom jumps up to run but slips back down on the garbage. No other option in sight, he closes his eyes waiting for the intense pain to come.

The dragon begins to let out his fire but something else moves faster. An unidentifiable streak of black leaps from overhead, its target the person and giant beast below. As it hurtles down towards the two, a quick flash of red light is seen just before the shadow slams into the ground.

Feeling no fiery burns on his body, Boom opens his eyes back up and is shocked at the sight. Still fully armoured, Paladin stands calmly between the two, his sword outstretched in his hands shining with a red glow surrounding it all. He takes one look at the dragon before sheathing his sword on to his back.

- Swish -

A cut appears along the neck of the dragon causing blood to spurt out of it. The dragon manages one last roar before its head slides off its body landing right next to the two siblings while the rest of the body falls back the other way.

Reaching out with a hand, Paladin helps Boom back up to his feet. "I see. So there really were monsters," he says nonchalantly.

Boom grumbles as he throws a half eaten cheeseburger off of his head.

"My monsters were defeated?" the purpled robed figure calls out in anger before going into more of a whine as he stomps his foot. "It's not fair!"

His crystal ball is thrown out of his grasp and bounces off one of the walls, causing a large crack to appear on it. The spell castor seethes a bit more before grabbing another book and starting to flick through the pages rapidly.

"Heh…it doesn't matter. I'm still all-powerful. I'll just find a better spell. And when I do, I'll make tubby pay. Oh yes. Then everyone will see who the real noob is! Hahahaha…"

The maniacal laughter is interrupted as a voice calls out from behind the closed door. "Danny, your lunch is ready."

"How many times do I have to tell you woman?!" Danny yells turning in the direction of the voice. "Don't interrupt me when I'm plotting my plans of pure evil!"

"But, its macaroni and cheese. Your favourite."

The robes and their occupant freeze for a moment before the hood flies off to reveal a bushy head of black hair belonging to an eleven year old boy.

"Mac and cheese? Alright!" he cries with a cheer leaping up on his feet and racing out of his room; the books of magic currently forgotten about for the time being.

A pair of binoculars focuses directly on the sight of Boom and Paladin talking. Slowly, they lower revealing a pair of light brown eyes, the only truly youthful thing on the old man's face. He stares outwards at the now out of sight duo with a look of pure calmness. It is a look that reveals nothing, not happiness nor anger, a look that can only come from years of experience

His few remaining strands of grey begin to sway as a light breeze begins. The man starts to pace a bit, his Armani shoes making a distinctive crack on the gravel atop the roof where he is. Noticing a piece of lint on his black suit, he quickly brushes its off. Brown eyes and weathered face take one last look at the horizon before finally turning back towards the anxious and highly nervousness associate waiting off to the side.

"Anthony…" the man's voice comes across smooth as crystal while his dry lips move themselves into a smile. "Could you go and get me some water please? It seems I might be in for a more interesting show then I originally thought."