AN: once again the >>> are for spaces and the o0o are for the end of each stanza. so yeah.


Light fell into my mouth; curled

to a worm- writhe, rip- (stripped in)

the tongue.

So he dove into the earth,

imagination transcended to illusion;

so much confusion.

He took me everywhere as I led him-

fed him- with the skies.

Clouds shuttered and drifted,

people shook their tongues.


>>>>>>>>>>It was love.


He gave me his hand to dig into the flesh.

So fresh. bless.

Tendrils of Medusa's hair flickered

through me. She was just jealous of me.

So I took out the percussion.

>>>>>boxed it over her head.


>>>>>>>>>>We were in love.


We learn via association. His voice box

skewered me with heated embrace.

He raced to be slow. Just go.

So I carved his pretty face with


>>>>>>>Perfection (slit) to the bone.