Chapter 9- Growing up

A/N: Okay so yeah I did update this finally. Just as a reminder since it has been forever. Corin is in this chapter 14 years old. Another year in this past life of hers passes by. She is getting older but still hasn't figured out a way to get back to being 25 again. Well I hope you enjoy and please leave some reviews.

Yet another year had gone by in Corin's alternate reality of a life. She sat staring at the blank wall in front of her, tapping nervously on the desk with the end of a pencil. Her mind had drifted off twenty minutes prior and the lecture on George Washington was nowhere near her focus of the day.

My old life, well scratch that my future life, can I ever get back to it and how. Do I have to stay in the past until I reach the future again, Corin though quietly to herself? This crap freaking sucks. I want my normal life back; I want to be twenty-five again. What am I supposed to be learning from this?

She stared at the ceiling for a moment. Are you trying to make me understand something I didn't get the first time, she asked God. There was no direct reply so she went on still talking to herself. I don't understand, please help me understand…

Suddenly a loud coughing noise brought her out of her musing and slightly startled she jumped a little and the pen fell to the floor.

"Ms. Livings," the balding, fat teacher asked. "Do you find it amusing to constantly interrupt my class with your pencil tapping?"

"No sir," she whispered. Apologizing to the teacher and everyone around her, she bent down to pick up the pencil.

"Psst," Corin heard from behind her. She turned her head slightly and looked at the person sitting behind her. Jeremy, a slightly older Jeremy, handed her a folded piece of paper with a smile and then went about what he had been doing before, which was absolutely nothing. He too found the lecture on George Washington to be a bore.

Corin turned slowly and unfolded the piece of paper slowly. She began reading to herself immediately.

Hey, baby

Wow, you are looking so hot today! I will meet you outside after class, and hey isn't this class boring. That fat teacher needs to shut up. Well anyway, I will talk to you later.


Corin folded the note back and placed it under her binder just as the teacher walked by her desk with an evil look on his rather large pimpled face.

An hour later Corin gathered her books together and walked slowly towards the back door of the school where Jeremy was waiting for her.

"Hey," Jeremy yelled across the grass a little bit. He stood leaning up against the wall, a blue bag slung over his right shoulder. Corin noticed now exactly how much he had changed over the past year. He was at least two or maybe even three inches taller, his voice was defiantly not as squeaky as it used to be, and there was a slight line of facial hair starting to grow on his chin and above his lip.

Corin put on a fake smile as she walked over to where the group of guys was standing. "Hey baby," Jeremy, said reaching out to wrap his free arm around her shoulder. Jeremy's friends seemed to disappear suddenly much to Corin's surprise.

Jeremy kissed her forehead slightly and then pulled back with a smile on his face. "Are you feeling better," he asked quietly.

Corin gave him a confused look wondering exactly what he meant. "Huh," she asked looking out across the lawn of the school. Teenagers were scattering everywhere as the school day ended.

"You were upset about your mom getting married again and having another baby, remember?" Jeremy looked at her a confused look on his face, waiting for her to answer. "Well," he asked after several moments of silence.

"Oh yeah right I remember, I am fine. Ben is a great kid and my step dad isn't that bad of a person either."

"What," Jeremy asked quickly now even more confused than ever before. "Who is Ben, and yesterday you told me your new step dad was a jerk."

"Ben is my brother and maybe I was wrong about the other thing." Corin looked at Jeremy and shrugged her shoulders for a moment. "Larry has been," she stopped changing the direction of her sentence. "Larry is a good person, can we just stop talking about this. What are the plans for today anyway?"

"Don't tell me you forgot about that too," Jeremy stopped quickly. Looking her directly in the eye he realized she had completely forgot about their plans just like everything else she had been forgetting lately.

"Sorry," she whispered ducking her head down.

Jeremy took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "My house…Pizza….The Guys…You and Me…Any of this ringing a bell?"

"Oh right," Corin whispered ducking her head down again.

"Hey," Jeremy whispered lifting her chin with one finger and forcing her to look into his eyes. "Smile, you are so beautiful when you smile."

Corin pressed her lips together, trying her hardest too not smile. It was, however, useless she couldn't hold back the laughter when Jeremy began to tickle the sides of her stomach.

"Come on," he whispered. "Now see that's better," he said with a smile knowing he always succeeded when it came to making her feel better.

"You cheated," she said running ahead of him as they started off towards Jeremy's house.