This is my hand
Opened and raw and real and red
The pitter patter of tiny red footprints
Upon paper

My solace is spent


Filling up blank pages
Days spent hoping
That I'll be able to forget
The empty spaces inside

There is rhyme to my reason
Sometimes rhythm
Sometimes none
Because I am a bright red scream
Punctuated by tiny red footprints
Racing across pages
Silently I hope they will reach across ages

Screams and silence tied together
Love and life and loss all roped together
The knot lodged in my heart
Like a lump in the throat

Like mystic moonlight
On a cold and silent night
The feelings glow inside
Spilling over into the world



I cling to the hope
That it will be enough


It will be enough

To redeem my soul

To make my words worth something more

So I might be able to spill out happiness one day
That my light will be from the sun
And not the moon

My love of light
And not of darkness

That I will finger-paint with joy
Smearing happiness across souls
With an innocent smile

Deep down we all are reaching for sunlight


This is my hand reaching for sunlight

12:42 pm