If you could see me now

God, what would you say

I've changed so much

And hide behind

The shadows in the light

The innocent little girl you knew

Was lost in a moment of pain

When I knew through all this shit

There was nothing to gain.

Your ecstatic lanky flower

That sat on top your lap

Etches names into her flesh

And cries late into the night

She's so far gone from reality

Trying to shy her destiny

And somehow through all

Those sunny days

Managed to hide away.

So I watch as though it's someone else

And wonder where I've gone.

What would you say my Johnny

If you could see me now.

I can just imagine what you'd say

"Babe where has my baby gone?

Cant she come out to play."

But honey buns, the answer's no,

Cuz this little flowers a fade.

Your rose child

Your diamond star

Is so far gone from hear

And knows

That even though

All I want

Is to escape this web,

There is no going back

To who I used to be.

But man, what I would do

To see you now

And Damn, what you would say.