The new girl walked up to me

And looked into my eyes

But then she did something

I never expected…

She smiled.

She said that she could see

Through all my masks and walls

She said that she could see my pain

And knew just how I felt.

And I just stared at her in awe

While her eyes cried my pain for me

And she described

Exactly how I felt.

"Your crying on the inside

to afraid to let them see,

and your dying in the inside

and your afraid of me."

And every word she said was true,

For yes

I was afraid

But also , I was enraged!

Who was she

To tell me

My thoughts

My dreams

My fears

My life?

Who was she to tell me?

And I opened my mouth to say so,

But then, she took my wrists

and saw my scars

But hen she looked at me

With tears inside her eyes

And said

"I know exactly how you feel,

for I feel that way too"

and it was true.