It Will Fade Away

I was afraid it would come to this,

I had no intensions of ever hurting you,

I just wanted to do what was best,

And I know you didn't want to hurt me too,

So we held on for a little while longer,

Just so we wouldn't have to cry,

We tried to even pretend to be happy,

Even if we were just living a lie,

But finally we gave into all the pain,

We decided to finally let go,

Because we knew it wasn't worth it,

Lying to everyone was low…

At first, I tried convincing myself,

That I had nothing to feel,

But it was only later that night,

That everything became real,

It felt like the waves changed course,

And I didn't have your hand,

The feeling of waves crashing down,

I had nothing, for you were my land,

The current became stronger,

And all I could do was cry,

The feeling that you were gone,

Made the tears cease to dry,

I try to show you I feel nothing,

I try to pretend I'm strong,

I don't want to show you weakness,

Even if I know I can't hold on,

When all I can do is cry,

I'll give the sea my tears,

When all I can do is drown,

I'll allow it to wash away my fears,

I want someone to save me,

Pick me back up when I fall,

And someone to tell me how stupid I am,

That I was willing to lose it all…

Later on, I know that it will leave,

The feeling will fade away,

I won't have to cry myself to sleep,

Because I'll learn you were never there to stay.