I thought you were the one for me,

I still think that you are,

So why is it so hard for me,

To get through to you.

Every day I try so hard,

But you just close up more.

I want you to be here for me.

I want you to be here.

I know that we could never be,

But I still want to try.

I know that you can't be with me,

But I still want to dream.

I know now that this is just a dream,

And never will be more,

But this is my life,

And I dream what I want.

A/N: Yeah I know. This poem makes no scence what-so-ever. I don't care...lol. Actually I do, but whatever. I really hate how it ended. It sucks sooo much. Sigh I just couldn't think of anything better. Well review please.