WARNING: This fiction is a PWP, meaning porn without plot, meaning mindless sex. If you are uncomfortable with this, I suggest clicking the back button right now and reading something else. That being said, all smut whores who are my next-of-kin, read and enjoy

Title: Worship of the Sun

Rating: NC-17

Summary: My version of the first meeting between Apollo and Hyacinth. Myth located here for anyone who wants to read it.

Author's Note: These characters don't belong to me.They are from Greek mythology. But the way they first meet (in this fic) and the forest are both mine, so don't steal them, or I shall be forced to kill you

Also, not everything in this fic is completely factual. I made up a few things to make it sound better, but otherwise it follows the general outline of the original myth


Apollo and Hyacinth: Apollo is the Greek god of the Sun, music, math, poetry, medicine, and the civilized arts. He carries a golden bow and arrow, and has a temple at Delphi where the Oracles predict the future.

Hyacinth is a prince of Sparta, said to be as beautiful as the gods. He was very good at gymnastics, and often went hunting with Apollo in the forest or mountainside. The flower hyacinth is derived from his name and myth.

There is historical fact of a Greek myth in which Hyacinth and Apollo are lovers.


Apollo was bored.

Not the kind of bored where you sit around and complain that you have nothing to do, but the kind of bored you feel when it seems like you've done everything there is to do and you can't get excited about anything you've already done. The kind of bored that makes even your favorite pastimes seem dull and uninteresting. It is not a pleasant feeling, and Apollo had pretty much hit the full brunt of it on this particular day.

He sat in him temple at Delphi, in the back room so as not to be bothered. He lay on a stone bench, gazing up at the ceiling with his arms behind his head, without a clue in the world as to how to spend his day. He had been hunting recently; he had visited with all his oracles to make sure they were all happy, he had visited some gifted musicians in dreams so as to encourage them to keep playing instruments, and scads of other things that would take hours to name. There were also plenty of things that he could've done, but it felt like he had done them a thousand times before, and there just didn't seem to be anything interesting enough that he'd want to do it.

And yet he lay there, staring at the ceiling, wishing desperately that he had something to do. He supposed he could go up to Olympus and visit Artemis, but she was still pissed at him for seducing and stealing the virginity of one of her nymphs. He'd tried to explain that it wasn't at all his fault, and the nymph had actually drugged him and made him take her, and that the nymph had had to perform all the sex herself, and that Apollo would never, ever willingly do that to any of Artemis's nymphs, but did she listen? No, of course not. It was Artemis; she thought that any sex whatsoever deserved to be condemned, what with that stupid chastity vow of hers.

He also might've gone to visit some other god or goddess, but he really didn't feel like doing that either. Most of them were on Mt. Olympus, and since Hera was still throwing a hissy fit about Zeus's latest consort (the man was a complete nympho), he really didn't think it would be wise to go up there at the moment. Especially since he had been with Zeus when the god had seen the girl, and could've done quite a lot to stop him.

So Apollo sat there, pondering ideally what the hell he was going to do that day, when Hades walked in.

Hades was not known for being a sociable person. He usually stayed in the Underworld, because running it was full time job. Rarely ever seen at all, much less on Olympus, people just assumed that he hated company (apart from his wife) and would rather just ignore people. Apollo, however, knew better; Hades was actually a fairly nice person; it was just that his position required lots of attention. But if asked to, he would make time in his busy schedule to see people for whatever reason, sometimes just to chat and other times for favors, or really anything that you could think of. Apollo often (though he told no one this) went down into the Underworld to seek the advice of Hades, because running the Underworld meant that you had to see all the souls, and that meant that you had pretty much seen and heard anything and everything that could ever surprise you.

"Morning, Hades," the sun god greeted. "What brings you to my temple?"

"You sister is a complete and utter bitch."

Apollo raised an eyebrow. "Fine way to start a conversation Hades."

"Well, she is," the other god said flatly and sat down on the bench near Apollo's feet. "She's demanding that I take the souls of anyone you've ever bedded and torture them for sleeping with you. And if I don't do it she's threatened to kidnap Cerberus (1) and torture him."

Apollo stared at him. "You're joking."


The sun god sat up and brushed his curly blonde hair out of his eyes. "She actually asked you to torture all of my past lovers?"



"Something about you seducing one of her nymphs and stealing her virginity."

"What the hell?!" Apollo yelled and jumped up, pissed. "I told her! I did not seduce that nymph! She drugged me and then gave me an aphrodisiac, and then during the sex she was the one that did all the work, not me!!" He growled and kicked an ornamental vase, which promptly shattered. "What in god's name is her problem?!"

Hades replied, in a wise voice, "Chastity. All that pent up sexual frustration isn't good for a person's health."

"Artemis doesn't have sexual frustration."

"Yes, she does."

"No, she doesn't."

"Yes, she does." Hades smirked evilly. "And I know because sometimes it gets to be too much, and since she doesn't want to break her vow, she goes after woman instead, because apparently that doesn't count." He flicked his hand and the vase flew back together. "You remember Atalanta? She bedded her several times. And she actually bedded Callisto once or twice."

Apollo stared at him. "But didn't she try to kill Callisto? After Zeus bedded her?"

"Yes, but that was done out of jealousy." Hades grinned. "I hear everything from dead people. It makes for interesting gossip. And excellent blackmail material." His grin turned slightly evil, and Apollo had to chuckle. "But enough about me. You seemed rather bored when I first came. Is something wrong?"

Apollo sighed and said, "Nothing's wrong, it just… I'm very bored." He began pacing in front of Hades. "I feel as though nothing will amuse me. It's been like this for a few days, actually." He sat down, and conjured up two cups of wine, handing one to Hades. "I can't seem to get excited about anything."

Hades took a sip of wine. "Is anything weighing on your mind that might make you sad?"

The blonde shook his head. "All that's happened is the fight with Artemis, and that's not at all my fault, so I don't feel bad about it." He took a large gulp of wine. "I think I've hit a wall as far as pleasure and entertainment are concerned."

Hades gave a small smile. "What about sex?"

"No, that's not doing anything for me either." He took another gulp of wine. "The whole nymph thing has made me kind of sick of sex at the moment."

The black-haired god chuckled. "That's hard to believe."

"Well, it's true. I'm so sick of women right now; I can hardly even stand looking at my oracles." Another gulp of wine, and Apollo refilled his cup. The two gods sat in silence for a minute, and Apollo noticed Hades seemed to be pondering something. After another minute or two, he began to speak.

"Well," he said slowly, "what about male sex?"

The sun god blinked and frowned. "What do you mean?"

"Well, when was the last time you had sex with a male?" Hades asked.

Apollo thought about it. "Not for awhile," he said, realizing that it had been at least five years since he had last bedded a male. "But then again, the problem with males is that there aren't a lot out there who return your affections, and even less that actually look decent." He looked at Hades, and saw that the other god was contemplating something again. He waited patiently for Hades to speak.

"I have heard," he began, "from a few souls in the Underworld, of a boy in Sparta by the name of Hyacinth. They say he has a beauty to match that of the gods, and is also quite athletic and often spends time alone in the woods. He's also, apparently, still a virgin." He gave Apollo a small smile. "You could go see him if you wanted to. At the very least, it'll give you something to do for awhile."

Apollo considered it. Hades' souls rarely every had false information, and Hades himself was never one to lie about such things. And he has right; it would give Apollo something to do. "Alright," he said finally. "I'll do that. Thank you for the idea, Hades." He smiled and said, "You'll be the first to know if anything happens." He got up and left the room.

Not fifteen seconds later, Artemis appeared. "Hades, have you seen Apollo?" she demanded.

"He just left." The god of the dead took another sip of wine. "I think he's going to Sparta."

Artemis glared at him. "You wouldn't happen to have told him about that Spartan prince, did you?"

He frowned. "Of course not," he said indignantly, looking for all the world like he was completely innocent. "Why on earth would I do that?"

The moon goddess just continued glaring at him, then turned on her heel and left.

"Bitch," Hades murmured, and downed the rest of his wine.


As the souls had told, Hyacinth was a youth, with curly black hair and warm brown eyes. He had an easy smile, and his body was lean and tanned just enough to give him a slight glow, but pale enough to be considered beautiful rather than handsome. He loved to play sports and often he and his friends held mini tournaments amongst themselves.

He was also courted by two men; one was Thrace, a legendary bard (2) and the other was Zephyrus, the West wind. Flattered though he was, to be courted by a super-natural entity and a legendary man, Hyacinth had not chosen either of them to be his lover, mostly because he wasn't terribly attracted to either of them. Still, they remained hopeful that he would perhaps choose one of them to become his lover.

Today, Hyacinth desired to stray away from company, and had gone into the forest for the day. He came to a stream where it was relatively sunny, but the surrounding trees provided shade. He bathed in the stream, the running water reminding him of old stories, like that of Poseidon and Pelops, and of Zeus and Ganymede (3). He wondered if he would ever become the lover of a god; people often said his beauty rivaled that of Aphrodite's. The thought was quickly dismissed. He didn't think that he was nearly as beautiful as Aphrodite, and he was sure that no god would ever find him attractive enough to make him their lover.

When he had finished bathing, Hyacinth began climbing trees and playing with the animals nearby, until hours had passed, and he thought it might be nice to take a little nap. He settled down under a large tree, and fell asleep almost immediately under the cool shade.

Meanwhile, Apollo was wandering through the woods idly. He had been to Sparta and, in the guise of a merchant, asked around about the young prince. The answers had been positive; people said that the youth was beautiful, athletic, intelligent and kind. Unfortunately, he was also being courted by two other people. On the plus side of that, however, some had told Apollo that Hyacinth hadn't yet chosen either of them to be his lover.

Unable to find the boy in town, Apollo decided to resume his search tomorrow, and enjoy a walk in the woods for the time being. It was nearing sundown; the sky was beginning to turn pink and gold and red, and it made for a beautiful scene.

Before long, the sun god found his way to a stream and on the other side there laid some clothes. Crossing the water, Apollo bent down and picked up the garments, seeing that they belonged to a young boy. There were faint footprints in the grass near the clothes that led a small way into the forest, and Apollo decided to follow them. After about thirty seconds he came to a large tree, and under the tree was a sight that made him stop dead and stare.

It was a boy. Not just a normal boy, but a beautiful boy, with curly black hair and light tan skin. He was sleeping on his side, his arms curled up near his head, a peaceful look on his face. His body was lean and toned, with (Apollo couldn't help but notice) a really nice ass. He was also completely naked.

The sight did wonders for the sun god's libido. He stepped closer to the youth, licking his lips. The boy was absolutely gorgeous. This had to be Hyacinth; there had been a lady in town who had said he had black hair and tanned skin like this boy. He wanted badly to go to the youth and kiss him awake so they could engage in the pleasures of sex. But he also remembered that in an effort to make Artemis stop yelling at him, he had promised himself to a temporary vow of chastity. He frowned. He could break the vow, of course, but that wouldn't be fair to Artemis. And besides, the boy was still a virgin. It would be unfair if he were to take advantage of him because he was sleeping…

And then, as soon as that thought processed in his brain, the youth shifted onto his back. His thighs fell open, showing the sun god that he was fairly well endowed, and his head fell to the side, his lips parted and rosy. The sun filtered through the trees and gave the boy a seemingly holy glow. Apollo stared.

Vow of chastity? He had never heard of such a thing. He made it a point to always be free to have sex whenever he wanted.

And so the sun god grinned, and walked over to the youth, stripping himself of all clothing along the way. He lowered himself onto his hands and knees and loomed over the boy, taking in his beauty for another minute before kissing his lips soundly.


Hyacinth stirred. He felt something soft and warm against his lips. He moaned a little, and the warmth shifted slightly, covering his lips more fully. It took a moment for the boy to realize he was being kissed.

Surprised and rather shocked, the young boy opened his lips to scream, and suddenly something warm and wet entered his mouth. It ran over the roof of his mouth, and his protests died with a small moan of pleasure. His eyes still closed, Hyacinth could do nothing except lie there and be kissed, the tongue (for he now recognized it for what it was) expertly stroking his own, delving into his mouth with passion, and yet so gently that Hyacinth realized that he must be dealing with a very experienced lover.

The kiss lasted for what seemed to be ages, and finally Hyacinth needed to breathe. He raised his hands up and pushed gently at his assailant's shoulders, feeling strong muscle and smooth skin underneath his fingers. The tongue withdrew from his mouth, and the warm lips left him. Hyacinth opened his eyes.

He was greeted by a sight he would forever remember.

Before him was a man. An extremely handsome, very fit man, with curly blonde hair like the sun, blue eyes like the sky, and wonderfully bronzed skin. His body was elegantly athletic, with strong arms and legs but without overly bulging muscle. He was lean and toned, and sinfully well endowed, and there was a smile upon his face that made Hyacinth want to melt in his arms.

"What… Who… Who are you?" he asked breathlessly, still very preoccupied with just looking at the man. His smile grew bigger and he reached a hand up to brush Hyacinth's curly locks out of his eyes.

"I'm Apollo," he said simply, and kissed the boy again. There were no tongues this time, and it lasted much shorter than the other kiss, but Hyacinth still moaned and when they broke off, he was dumbfounded.

"Apollo?" he repeated. "The god Apollo?"

A soft chuckle issued from the blonde. "The very same," he murmured softly. "Forgive me if I scared you in anyway, but I couldn't help myself. You're much too beautiful for me to resist touching you." A hand trailed down the youth's face and down his chest, near his now half-hard length. It stopped and stroked his stomach lightly. "I don't think I'll be able to stop myself."

The boy swallowed audibly. "I don't think I want you to stop," he said honestly, and Apollo grinned.

"Well, then that takes care of that problem, now doesn't it?" And he kissed the boy again, far more passionately this time. He ran his tongue over soft lips before delving into his mouth. He ran the slick muscle over the boy's own tongue and explored every aspect of the wet cavern, delighting in the small sounds that issued from the youth's throat. He supported himself on his knees and an elbow, the other hand stroking leisurely at the other's stomach before coming up and running the tips of his fingers over a caramel colored nipple. A moan sounded, and Apollo began to play with the nub of flesh, feeling it harden in arousal the longer he kept his hand there.

The kiss broke off, and the sun god was pleased to see Hyacinth already looking disheveled. His lips were red and swollen, his breath came in soft pants and a very light sheen of sweat already covered his body. He was beautiful like that, looking seductive and yet very innocent at the same time, and it was obvious nothing like this had ever been bestowed upon the boy before. The thought, knowing that he was the first to touch Hyacinth, the first to taste his sweetness and make him squirm and moan in pleasure set Apollo's loins on fire. He growled lightly and attacked the boy's neck, sucking and licking and nipping at the tender flesh. Hyacinth gasped and tilted his head, giving the man better access to his skin. He moaned as Apollo began sucking harshly on his pulse point, squirming and gasping as his hands continued to toy with his nipples. "Ah… my Lord…"

"Call me by my name," Apollo commanded, always having hated it when people called him lord or master. "I'll not have you thinking yourself inferior to me." He kissed the large red mark now on Hyacinth's neck, before trailing his tongue down the youth's collarbone, down to his nipples, where he began to lavish tender attention on the small nubs. Hyacinth gasped and then moaned, his eyes closing and his head falling back. Gods, he had never felt anything so good… Sparks of pleasure were running rampant down his spine, electricity was coursing through his veins. His cock was growing in arousal by the second. The noises of the forest sounded around him, adding to the experience, knowing that they were alone and yet in the middle of a place where anyone could come and see them.

The young prince began to pant softly as Apollo switched from tongue to teeth, biting a nipple and tugging on it gently, then flicking his tongue over it lightly. A sturdy erection was between his legs now, fueled intensely by the sounds coming from the boy. He felt hands on his shoulders, gripping the muscle lightly. Another moan sounded from Hyacinth, and Apollo couldn't help but become even more aroused. He drew away from the nipples, sitting up on his knees and gazing down at the boy again. His whole body was flushed now, eyes half closed in pleasure, lips still parted and swollen.

"You're beautiful," Apollo said. He cupped the boy's cheek and stroked it softly with his thumb. "How is it that you've managed to stay away from the greedy hands of mortals? Or even gods for that matter?"

Hyacinth sighed at the simple yet meaningful gesture, a confirmation that he wasn't just some random fuck. "I've been pursued," he replied, opening his eyes fully and looking at the sun god in awe. "But I've never really been attracted to anyone enough to want to do this." He sat up enough so he could prop himself up on his elbows and smiled shyly. "I never thought I'd draw the attention of a god, especially not one like you," he admitted.

The innocence and modesty of the statement melted Apollo's heart. "You say you've never found anyone attractive," he said, leaning closer to the boy's face. "Do you find me to be in your liking?"

A dark blush stained Hyacinth's cheeks. "You know I do," he whispered, and Apollo glanced down, smiling at the sight of his cock, now fully hard and dripping with liquid. He leaned down, cupping Hyacinth's face in his hands and kissing him gently. Strong arms encircled his neck and he was met with passion as a tongue pressed against his mouth, seeking entrance. The sun god happily obliged, parting his lips and allowing Hyacinth to explore his mouth. He could tell the boy was inexperienced, but obviously a very fast-learner, because already he was using techniques to please the god that had been bestowed upon him only moments before.

In turn, Apollo brought his tongue to move against Hyacinth's and a battle for dominance ensued. The kiss grew hot and rough, neither male willing to give in to the other. Hyacinth pressed himself closer to the god, groaning as their arousal's touched and loving the fact that he could feel every inch of the blonde's strong, hard body against his own. Experimentally, he began to rock his hips back and forth. Jolts of electricity raced up his spine at the action and a moan from the god encouraged Hyacinth to repeat the action. Before long he was on the ground again, Apollo's hips rocking in rhythm with his as they continued to kiss hotly.

The sun god was ecstatic. It wasn't often he found someone this good; all the women he bedded had never been brave enough to experiment with what felt good, relying on him to make it pleasurable, but this boy… Gods, Apollo almost didn't believe he was a virgin, with the way he moved, the way his mind worked; shy at first, but once he understood what was going on eager to learn and adjust himself to the situation. Their hips rocking together, sending lust coursing throughout his being, the hands running all over his body to see what felt good, the tongue in his mouth, unwilling to yield… He had never bedded a woman who was willing to do this to him. No wonder he got bored with them.

"Is… Is this all… all there is to… to sex?" Hyacinth panted as they broke off another kiss. Apollo couldn't help but laugh.

"Oh no, my dear boy, there is far more to sex than this," he said seductively, proceeding to move his head and drag his tongue along the shell of the brunette's ear. The head jerked away, and the next second Apollo found his own head being moved by two hands to look at the beautiful prince. There was an intense fire burning in his eyes that made the sun god's cock swell even more.

"Show me," the boy said softly. His voice held such a determined edge to it Apollo couldn't help but grin.

"Gladly," he replied. He crushed his lips against the boy's in a brief, bruising kiss, before trailing his tongue down the youth's neck, to his chest, to his stomach, and finally, just inches away from his aching cock. He glanced at Hyacinth, who was watching intently. He looked puzzled for a second before his face cleared with recognition and wordlessly, he nodded. Apollo grinned.

A sharp cry sounded as the sun god swallowed him whole, running his tongue along the underside and around the head. Hyacinth's back arched in pleasure as Apollo continued to tease him with his mouth, running his tongue along veins and scraping his teeth along he top. It felt fantastic, and the brunette couldn't stop the numerous moans and cries that came from his mouth.

"A-Apollo…" he whimpered and then cried out as the blonde's tongue delved into his slit. "Ah! G-gods…"

Apollo himself was absolutely thrilled. The boy's cries ran through his head like a fine wine, and his essence tasted as sweet as honey. He continued to lap at the boy's head, drawing whimpers and cries from his lips. He began to suck, hollowing out his cheeks, and bobbing his head up and down the length. Hyacinth's hips bucked as he cried out in pleasure, and he firmly placed an arm across them, effectively holding the boy in place. It was absolute torture for Hyacinth, and he wanted desperately to have the whole of his throbbing member engulfed by that heat. Gods, he was so close to release, something that he had only ever before experienced by his own hands…

And then Apollo drew away, letting the brunette's cock slid out of his mouth and sitting up to regard the young prince. The boy whimpered at the loss, his hips bucking again to seek contact, but to no avail. His hair was a mess around his head, his body slick and covered in sweat, those rosy lips open and panting, his length aching, the tip dripping with his essence. Apollo had thought that he couldn't get any harder; he was wrong. The sight before him drove him wild with lust and it was all he could do to keep from slamming himself into the boy right then and there.

"Why… Why did you stop?" Hyacinth asked. Apollo leaned down onto his knees and kissed the boy hard. He was eagerly received, but only took a minute to enjoy the boy's mouth before pulling away.

"There's still more I have to show you," he answered, and chuckled when the brunette's eyes went wide.

"More? But what…"

"That's why I have to show you." Apollo grabbed the youth's legs and lifted them up, positioning himself onto his knees and sliding forward until Hyacinth's pelvis was resting on his thighs. Apollo let the legs go and they immediately wrapped around his waist. He chuckled again. The boy truly was a fast learner.

He brought his hand to the brunette's mouth. "Open," he commanded. He did, his tongue darting out to lick his lips before Apollo pushed three fingers into his mouth. "Suck." Hyacinth moaned softly before drawing the fingers into his mouth. He touched them tentatively with his tongue, and then when Apollo made a small noise of approval, began to swirl the muscle around them. He drew them deeper into his mouth, sucking gently and running his tongue all over them, tickling the tips and running it along the undersides.

Apollo let out a soft groan of pleasure. He could tell from the way his tongue was moving that Hyacinth was using the same techniques on his fingers as he had on the boy's cock. It was wonderful, feeling that tongue that was already beginning to show its talent run around his fingers so seductively. He wished he could have that same mouth around his aching cock, but recognized the fact that the youth wasn't quite ready for that yet. Instead, he opted for simply telling Hyacinth just how good he would be.

"You'll drive a man wild with that mouth one day," he whispered hotly into the boy's ear. Hyacinth moaned quietly around the fingers and Apollo smirked. "I look forward to the day when I can test that aspect of your abilities."

The fingers slid from his mouth. "Apollo…" the boy whimpered. "Please…" He had no idea what he was begging for, only that he wanted it, and he wanted it now.

Apollo smirked again. "As you wish," he said. He brought the hand down to the boy's inner thighs, then slid then along the cleft of his ass teasingly. Hyacinth whimpered again and pressed his hips against Apollo's fingers.

"Please… Oh gods, please…" he begged. Apollo grinned, and brought his fingers to circle the boy's entrance before sliding the first one in.

Hyacinth face contorted into an odd expression. "I'm not hurting you, am I?" Apollo asked, pain being the last thing he wanted to bestow upon the beautiful boy.

"N-no… It just feels weird…" Hyacinth replied.

The sun god slowly began to move the finger. "Relax," he said. "It'll help reduce the pain. And I'm truly sorry to say there will be some, especially since you are yet untouched."

Hyacinth laughed breathlessly. "This," he motioned with his hands, "is not what I would call untouched."

"Ah, but I have yet to take you, my beautiful virgin," Apollo explained, and the brunette blushed at the words. "Therefore, you are still untouched. Now, do you think you're ready for the second finger?"

Hyacinth nodded, and Apollo carefully slid another finger into the boy's passage. He was tight and hot, just as Apollo wanted him to be. He let out a small hiss of pain when the second finger slid in, and the god moved them slowly so as to minimize the pain.

"If it begins to hurt too much," he said, "you need only say the word and I'll stop."

Hyacinth nodded. He took a deep breath, willing his body to relax and find pleasure in the strong fingers that moved inside him. He felt Apollo's hand move over his heart, and where it touched a pleasant warmth began to spread through him. He moaned softly and then sighed as the warmth began to pour over the muscles in his body, making it easier for him to relax.

"That feels nice," he whispered. Apollo chuckled.

"Is that so, young one?" He pushed the fingers in a bit deeper, drawing another moan from the boy. "Are you beginning to enjoy this?"

"Yes…" A slight hiss from Hyacinth as Apollo slid the third finger in. It hurt, but not as much as before. "It feels so good…"

"It gets better," Apollo said, and began slowly pumping his fingers in and out of the boy's body, drawing soft moans and whimpers from those beautiful rosy lips. He leaned down and kissed the boy, delighting in the way his mouth immediately opened to grant the god access to his sweet taste. He moved his tongue in rhythm with his fingers. Hyacinth continued to whimper and moan. A few more minutes passed like that, before Apollo withdrew his fingers and finished the kiss.

"Are you ready?" he asked, caressing the brunette's cheek.

The boy nodded. "Please… Do it," he whispered, not exactly sure what was going to happen, but having a fairly good idea.

The sun god waved his hand, and a vial of oil appeared out of nowhere. He popped the cap off and then poured the entire thing over his cock, wanting to make his entry as easy as possible. With one hand he moved the oil around so that it was coating his entire length, and with the other he gently cupped the back of Hyacinth's head, lifting up and kissing him soundly. The boy responded eagerly. Apollo positioned himself at the small entrance, and then slowly began to push in.

There was a gasp, and then a hiss of pain before another moan. Apollo mentally grinned as he continued kissing the boy, knowing full well the sexual advantages of going slowly. One, there was less pain. Two… Well, he'd let the boy voice that aspect of it himself.

Hyacinth brought his hands to Apollo's back in an effort to steady himself. Gods, he could feel every single inch of the massive organ that was slowly laying seize to his body. It hurt, yes, but it was also excruciatingly good, feeling himself being taken, inch by throbbing inch…

"So good…" he moaned into the kiss, and he felt Apollo grin. He slid forward a bit father, until he was fully seated inside the youth's body. He broke the kiss off and grabbed the legs around his waist, bringing the ankles up to rest on his shoulders. Hyacinth moaned again. He was ready.

Apollo began to move. It started as short, slow strokes because Hyacinth would still need time to get used to the feeling. The boy gasped as he felt the god begin to move, pulling out and pushing back in, leaning over him, sky blue eyes now dark with lust. It was only a minute before the pain receded and he was gasping, "More…"

Apollo grinned. He began to speed up, making his thrusts deeper and harder. The boy's passage was nothing but tight, silken heat around his aching cock. It felt incredibly good, almost like nothing he'd ever felt. Girl virgins were no fun; they complained it hurt too much… But this boy, he was taking it well. Point in fact, he was taking it wonderfully. He was moaning and gasping and whimpering in pleasure beneath Apollo and gods, it only served to fuel his lust further.

After one particular thrust, Hyacinth let out a loud moan, and Apollo smirked. He pulled out more this time, until only the tip as left inside, and then slammed back in.

A scream of pleasure echoed in the forest as stars burst before Hyacinth's eyes. "Oh gods!" he yelled as Apollo began thrusting in and out at a fast, hard pace, always managing to it that sweet spot that made him wild. "Ah, ah… Oh don't stop…"

"I have no intention of stopping, little one," Apollo growled as he continued to slam into the boy's tight heat, going deeper and deeper on every thrust. "I'm going to fuck you like this… Making you scream and writhe beneath me… Making it so good you almost can't stand it…"

Hyacinth moaned and then cried out as his prostate was hit again. His nails dug into Apollo's back as he was brought higher and higher into ecstasy, his legs sliding up so that his knees were now on the sun god's shoulders. Apollo thrust in deeper now, but kept a steady pace, wanting the experience to last. He wasn't gong to let the boy find his release until he'd had his fun.

Hyacinth writhed and moaned. His brain had shut down, only his senses left. Touch, feeling Apollo's cock as it pumped steadily in and out of his body, hitting his prostate each time and making him scream. Taste, the saltiness of sweet as he lifted his head up and began licking at Apollo's neck, drawing a satisfied groan from the god. Smell, just the scent of sex and sweat driving him further into the hands of lust. Sound, hearing Apollo moan as he did his best to recuperate the wonders being done to his body, running his hands over the blonde's chest and toying with the nipples, drawing a feral growl and another steamy kiss. And sight, watching himself being taken by the throbbing length, seeing Apollo's eyes dark and cloudy with lust and pleasure, seeing himself completely pliable to the god's will. Hyacinth moaned at the intensity of it all, of being fucked by a god, of the impending orgasm that was so near at hand but never got any closer because of the sweet, torturous pace at which he was being fucked…

"You're so beautiful like that," he heard Apollo breath into his ear. "Sweat-slicked and crying out in ecstasy like you are… Tell me young one, how does it feel?"

Another moan. "Ah… Ah… It… It f-feels so goooooood…" the boy cried out, the last word ending in a long moan as Apollo managed to thrust deeper into him. "Ah, gods… "

"It feels that good?"

"Ugnnnnn… Yes…"

The sun god smiled. At this pace, he'd be able to hold off orgasm for at least another fifteen minutes…

And then the boy began rocking his hips.

The first rock was barely noticeable, but the second one somehow managed to shift his position so that instead of just the head, his whole cock was rubbing against the youth's sweet spot. It drew a shrill cry from Hyacinth, and he immediately began rocking his hips harder, meeting Apollo thrust for thrust, pushing him even deeper into the boy's tight channel. A renewed stream of cries and screams passed from his rosy lips and he began to get desperate.

"Apollo…" he whimpered. "Please…"

Apollo gazed down at the boy, and quickly recognized the look of intensity on his face. The pleasure for Hyacinth had reached its peak; soon it would begin to get painful. Unwilling to let that happen, the sun god let out a feral growl and began to increase his pace. Sweet pleasure filled cries rang through his ears and he began slamming harder into Hyacinth's body, relishing in the way it clenched around him and the way he made the beautiful boy scream.

Hyacinth was incoherent now. Waves of pleasure racked through his body as Apollo continued to speed up, his length still rubbing along his sweet spot, the god's groans of pleasure and his own cries running though his head and making him all the lustier. He continued bucking his hips, loving the sweet, delicious friction that occurred every time their bodies touched. It was everywhere; he was drowning in it, completely lost to the world outside the ecstasy of his body. The cries and screams that left his lips grew increasingly louder in volume as he neared to orgasm…

And then he heard Apollo speak. "Say my name," the god growled into his ear.

"Ah… Ah… A-Apollo…" he barely whispered, whimpering as the thrusts grew faster and harder.


"Ah… Apollo," Louder this time, bucking his hips so hard he knew he'd be sore for days.

"Louder." A particularly hard thrust that set off a harsh cry.

"Apollo!" He was so close, the impending pleasure in his body growing higher and higher, preparing to crash…


"APOLLO!!" Hyacinth screamed, and he arched violently, his body tight as a bow, his head thrown back as he screamed. Apollo yelled and thrust in as deep as was physically possible, and orgasm hit. He felt the boy's passage tighten, and they came together, Apollo's hot, thick seed shooting into places that he wouldn't have otherwise reached, Hyacinth's essence spilling all over their stomach's and thighs. There was a final cry from both men, and they collapsed onto the ground.

Neither moved for several minutes, Apollo far too satisfied to want to and Hyacinth because he had never participated in such an exhausting activity before in his life. He panted, trying to regain his breath, his lungs aching for air. He felt Apollo shift and press his lips to his throat. He breathed hot air over the skin, and suddenly it wasn't so hard to breath anymore. His heart was still going a million beats a second, but at least his lungs were alright.

"Better?" the god asked quietly. He nodded. Apollo wrapped an arm around his back and lifted them both up, moving so that he was leaning against the tree. Hyacinth was brought against his chest. He sighed contently, wrapping his arms around Apollo's torso and snuggling into his warmth.

"You were wonderful," the god told him. "I haven't had sex that good in ages."

He flushed. "You're welcome," he replied softly. Apollo chuckled.

"Don't be so embarrassed," he said, wrapping his arms around the boy and drawing him closer. "You're going to be a highly skilled lover someday. You might as well learn to think about sex without blushing."

"I can't help it," Hyacinth said. "Before today I was a virgin who had touched himself maybe three or four times." He looked up at Apollo. "I'd never even kissed anybody before. It takes time to be able to think about sex casually."

Apollo searched the boy's eyes and saw a residing fear in them. "What are you afraid of, little one?" he murmured softly. Hyacinth gasped and then looked away.

"Nothing," he said. "I'm not afraid."

"Then why won't you look me in the eye?"

He felt his body begin to tremble. "It's just… Well, this is a one time thing, isn't it? After this I'll never see you again. And that's… It's hard to come to terms with, I guess." He could feel tears beginning to well up in his eyes. He had to work hard not to cry.

"And who says that you'll never see me again?"

Hyacinth's flushed again and choked back a sob. "That's how it is with gods. You find someone you wish to bed and then when you're done you leave them." He felt a drop of liquid run down his cheek. Gods, how stupid he felt for crying, and in front of the sun god, no less.

A strong hand cupped his cheek and forced him to look at Apollo. His blue eyes were serious. "If I had only wanted to bed you once, I wouldn't have done it by taking your virginity, Hyacinth," he said. "This will last; I want to see you again." He brought their mouths together softly, and felt the brunette's arms encircle his neck. "I want to make you my beloved (4)," he whispered against Hyacinth's lips.

The boy gasped softly. Apollo kissed him again and drew back to watch his face. He looked amazed. "What… You mean… You really mean that?" he stammered.

"Of course." He kissed him again, reveling in the sweetness of those soft lips. His lover responded, slowly letting his lips fall often and inviting Apollo into the warm cavern of his mouth. They stayed like that for minutes, kissing deeply but lovingly. Finally Apollo was forced to break away. He sighed.

"Unfortunately, I have to go soon. The gods are holding a feast tonight I must attend." He tugged the boy a little closer. "But I'll stay here until you fall asleep, hmm?"

Hyacinth smiled sleepily. "Yes, that sounds nice," he whispered. His head fell against Apollo's chest, and soon he was asleep.


When Hyacinth awoke again, it was dark. He stirred sleepily, then his eyes shot open and he sat bolt upright. With the sun now gone, the visit from Apollo seemed unreal. Had it all been a dream?

The soreness of his arse and the sticky evidence of his release, still coating his thighs and stomach, told him otherwise. He blushed hotly. He was no longer a virgin, probably couldn't even be considered 'innocent' in anyway anymore. Of course, granted that no one else had seen what he had done with the sun god, no one else had to know either.

Yes, that was a good idea. Keep it secret (there'd probably be an uproar from his parents knowing that he'd been bedded by someone he'd known for less than an hour), and tell Thrace and Zephyrus that they had been very kind, but he just wasn't interested. It wasn't really fair to them, of course, but what was he supposed to do?

Hyacinth sighed. He'd best be getting home. It was already dark enough that he couldn't see very far. It was only by chance that he spotted his clothes, neatly folded about a foot away from him. There was also a jug filled with water, a wash cloth and a small glass orb. The brunette blushed again. At least, from what he could assess from the situation, Apollo had been honest when he said he intended to make him his beloved.

He dipped the cloth in the jug. The water was warm, which he thought was very considerate. He brought the cloth to his body and cleaned away the remaining semen. When finished he placed the cloth over the edge of the jug and pulled his clothes on. He figured he could leave the jug there, and maybe come back for it the next day. Now all that was left was the small glass orb. He bent over to pick it up, and as soon as he touched it, it began to glow strongly and jumped up into the air.

Hyacinth jumped back in surprise. The orb continued to hover in the air before him, like a miniature sun. Which, he realized, smacking himself mentally for being so stupid, was probably exactly what it was. He took a step toward the light. It moved back. He began walking towards it, and it continued to move back. Ten feet away from the tree, Hyacinth suspected it was trying to lead him home. He smiled. It was a very thoughtful gesture. Apollo was obviously a very caring lover.

Smiling to himself, hardly able to contain his joy, he began chasing after the orb of light. It twisted and turned in the forest, always a set distance away from him, happy to show him the way home.


Apollo was one of the last gods to show up at the feast, followed only by Dionysus and Eros. When he entered the hall, he was grinning. A very big grin. And not the mischievous I've-done-something-bad grin. Not the I'm-happy-because-something-wonderful-happened grin. Oh no, it was most defiantly the I-just-got-laid-and-it-was-fantastic-I-haven't-had-sex-that-good-in-ages grin. That, and he was glowing more than usually, also a very good indicator of recent sex.

Artemis only had to take one look at him before she screamed in fury. "HADES!!" she yelled. "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!!!"


(1) The vicious three-headed dog that guards the gates to the Underworld

(2) Bard: a person who recounts stories through oral depiction, usually by singing and playing an instrument

(3) Pelops and Ganymede were both beloved by gods; Pelops by Poseidon and Ganymede by Zeus. According to the myth, Ganymede is actually the constellation Aquarius 'The Water Bearer', since he became cup bearer to the gods when Zeus brought him to Mt. Olympus

(4) Beloved is a term bestowed on mortals whom a god or goddess actually loves and stays with for an extended period of time. It is a great honor to become beloved of a god; because they don't do it often (they tend to prefer bedding someone once and then moving on)

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