Kris' Sanity: Dream of Peace

In my dream, I'm running away, faster I go

A dark voice in my mind, keeps telling me

to run

Soon , I pass my friends, family and home

without a second thought

A thought that should tell me to go back and

give them a hug

But I kept running until I realized I had a dagger

in my hand

I am out on the edge of a cliff

A voice telling me to jump, it also said to me

"If jumping doesn't kill me, this dagger will"

Below me are serene waters

Tears welling and flowing from my own


I do not make a sound as tears flow from


I just look at the dagger, then at the lake

and finally the sky

' My new home', I think to myself

I try to say goodbye as I look back into

my friends' and family's' faces

But all I could do is mouth out the words

I then jump without a care, I still had

tears flowing down my face as I dived on down

I the look below, smile and close my eyes with

one final breath

I then die in an instant, I am finally at peace

But I remember hearing sobs, cries and pleas

begging me not to jump

And I remember as I died, and when I was

dead, everyone cried

I am truly and dearly sorry to leave

you like that

Suicide was my only answer to happiness

You've been by my side for what seems

like eternity

I can only imagine your pain, the pain you

went through as you saw me die in front of your


But I was living a lie

A lie that I shouldn't and couldn't live with

any longer

So I beg of you to please understand my

pain that in return was giving me grief

It was overwhelming me and taking all

my strength and energy

Once at church when I prayed to God

"God, please take me away", I begged

one day when everyone left

I was lost and scattered brained

I am alone, and I'm sorry for causing you

so much pain

My life was contrasting with my past

I know you may think I'm just making a bunch

of excuses, you saying we could've talked it out

But this is the truth and you know it

I say farewell

But it isn't goodbye forever

Complete this mission and know we'll meet


Maybe in another time and in an alternate universe, and we might not remember one another

But we'll all be alive there

You and I both feel like this is a dream

But I know this dream is a reality

And hopefully , you'll never be in the kind

of pain I was in

I pray none of you experience that pain in any


I hope all of you can succesfully live your life

in happiness, despite my death

I beg and insist you do

Love your friend and teammate,