On Hold

Why must I always
be waiting for your call?

Time, I know, is not
my friend, yet I hold
on to the chance that
you haven't forgotten
my number. Oh, freedom
is so close, but while I
wait, I'm caged. This
sweet chance keeps me
holding on, holding
the phone, anticipating
a gentle ring, with your
voice calling back to me.

It could be so simple, but
the operator keeps getting
in our way, with her
incessant drone. Maybe
one day, you'll stop
dialing collect and refuse
that woman's voice. You
will pick up the phone,
press the numbers carefully,
and I'll pick up to say hello.

A/N: This is about someone that I'm finding it's just not the right time to pursue, mainly because we're both insanely busy with school right now (he might also be involved with someone, so another good reason) and I don't want to bring anything up until we both have some time to talk about it. Yep, this pretty much says it all.