Part I

Chapter One

Wuyo walked through the chamber room. So many, with so little time. All falling, he had to do something. They where at the gates, taking over. His people into slaves. All of them. None left at all.

He had to find any one that was left, if there was any one. Only time was left to tell.

He traveled down the lonely street. It was in flames. No one left to warn anyone. It was just him. Only him.

'Anyone!' he yelled ', answer me'.

He laid there in the mud. The rain dripping from the sky. It was only yesterday that he ruled this city, know he had to rule himself.

'Save me from this nightmare Zormosa', Wuyo cried.

He had to come. They were at the greatest need of a hero. The hero he needed was gone, long gone. Never coming back.

'No!' he yelled in pain.

'I see we have lefted someone', a man from behind. 'A king, what a bonus'.

Wuyo looked over himself to see a sword coming down on him. He rolled over.

'Damn it!' the man yelled. 'I see you are trying to get a way'.

'If it is for my city, yes', Wuyo replied.

'So be it then'.

Wuyo drew out his sword. The other man pointed his sword at wuyo.

'Poit, you will not win'.

'They all say that, but they don't', said Poit.

Wuyo did the first strike, swinging his sword to his right, trying to cut Poit into half. He blocked it by sweeping his sword to the side. Poit then swung his sword over his hand, trying to cut Wuyo in the middle. Wuyo defected it by swinging his sword upwards to his head.

'You still think you can win', Poit said.

'Well look', Wuyo answered, 'we are still at a draw'.

'well I think it is time to end this fight'.

Poit pointed his sword at Wuyo.

'You you later', Poit said.

From his sword, he shoot a ball of fire. Wuyo dropped to the ground.

'All things have to come to an end', Poit said as he stepped on the dead body. 'Bring a ship down to me. We are finish here'.

'Anything here useful. Any mines', his phone said.

'No. Just blow the damn thing up'.

'Yes Sir'.

A ship landed in the middle of the road. Poit jumped in. as he flew away, he could see the world be blown up. What was left over floated in mid-space.

'My work here is done. Take me to the next world'.

The ship turned around and shot into space.