& i made you a star
tearing a thin strip (me)
from a bigger sheet of pale pink paper (you)
engraved on with
.g./R.a'.f.F:i.t.i. lyrics of sad love songs
and (un)requited romance

& so i find myself
folding and /i/n/s/e/r/t/i/n/g/
the tip of the strip
where it should be
(like me --forcing-- myself into your perfectly-folded origami existence)
just so i can (hopefully) catch your attention

& i remember i lost my g-r-i-p
on that pink paper-star
but you came handing it to me afterwards
leaving me in wonder
if you meant reciprocation (of my f.e.e.l.i.n.g.s)
or it was just totally
n o t h i n g (to you)

Author's Note: (April 15, 2006 – Friday) Two reviews (by harlequin.wings and The Dancing Legless) have already told me that the formatting is quite taking away from the poem instead of somehow adding something into it. I really like the formatting of the first one I made, so I'm posting a version of the poem without the extra formatting and perhaps you could tell me which one is better. Thanks.